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Takarazuka Revue'MOON TROUPE' performance  / Takarazuka Mar.21-Apr.28 2014 / May.16- Jun.15  2014
『TClassic Takarazuka Dance』『A Guide to the Future-The Logbook of the Century-』『TAKARAZUKA Flower Poems 100 !!』

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Classic Takarazuka Dance

This is a spectacular Japanese revue that underscores the nature of the challenges for the coming century, while inheriting the traditions of the Takarazuka Revue on its 100th anniversary. The show is a celebration of dance, the origin of traditional performing arts, Japan's “Minyou” folk songs, peonies as the king of flowers and lions as the king of beasts, among other performances associated with the 100th anniversary.
Yuri Matsumoto makes a special appearance.


A Guide to the Future
-The Logbook of the Century-

The Century is an American passenger ship that has departed on its 100th milestone voyage. This is the story of the mere four days from the time the Century departs from a port in London to its arrival in New York.

Drinking alcohol is banned on the Century, as Prohibition Law is in force, as is the case throughout America. Even so, the ship proceeds smoothly on its voyage, carrying a large number of passengers and crew. It seems like a magnificent hotel gliding across the ocean with its swimming pool, restaurants and even gym.

Jake is the Century's Chief Communications Officer. He came into this position out of an aspiration to become a seafarer, which was triggered by an incident experienced in his youth. But now he has dreams of becoming a novelist, as his job of receiving the passengers' mail offers him a glimpse into human relationships. Jake, who always brings on the board the novel he is working on, titled “The Ship's Log,”encounters a mysterious girl one night on the deck. Meeting Jake for the first time, the girl starts a conversation with him in a friendly manner before completely disappearing, just like the fog.

Jake searches for her, and while scouting inside the ship he becomes acquainted with a woman on her way to New York to meet her husband. The woman is carrying a bouquet of flowers, and during a short conversation Jake learns that she plans to offer them to the soul of her younger sister who passed away on the Titanic 22 years earlier. He informs her that on the following day his ship will reach the nearest point on its route to the spot where the Titanic sunk. The woman, meanwhile, learns about the writings of Jake, the aspiring novelist who is holding “The Ship's Log,” and she becomes extremely interested. He offers to take care of her flowers until the following day, and as she hands them over, she grabs “The Ship's Log” away from him and leaves.

By the time she departs, Jake has received a shock by hearing a name she mentioned in response to one of his questions: Leila. For this is the name of the woman who was behind the incident in his youth that induced him to become a seafarer, and someone with whom he had been deeply involved.

<Main Cast>

Jake :
Chief Communications Officer on board the Century,a passenger ship

Masaki Ryu

Leila :
A passenger on board the Century and the wife of Donald, a pearl merchant

Reika Manaki

Captain Connelly :
Captain of the Century

Yu Asuka

Dora :
President of a movie production company

Yurino Toka

Sergei :
A movie director and the husband of Dora

Kaito Seijo

Simon :
An actor

Kurama Sao

Nigel :
A Communications Officer on board the Century and a friend of Jake's

Ruumi Nagina

Lucas :
A temporary Communications Officer on board the Century

Rurika Miya

TAKARAZUKA Flower Poems 100!!

Tetsuzo Shirai, a director renowned as a master of revues, staged “Parisette” in 1930 after returning to Japan. “Flower Poems” was announced later in 1933. The traditions of the Takarazuka Revue, which began from such origins, are resurrected on its centenary year. Jeff Calhoun, a leading director and choreographer on Broadway, has been invited to serve on the choreography staff, and Antoine Kruk, an up-and-coming designer who is active in France, has been invited as a member of the wardrobe staff, to enhance the performance's glitter and gorgeousness.


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