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Takarazuka Revue'COSMOS TROUPE' performance / TAKARAZUKA Jun.5 - Jul.13  2015 / TOKYO Jul.31 - Aug.30  2015
Mitsui-Sumitomo VISA Card Theatre Grand Romance『A Song for Kingdoms-Based on the opera

main cast

A Song for Kingdoms -Based on the opera "Aida"-

The setting is Egypt 4,500 years ago. Priests are about to utter the name of the new general, so that the country can prevail in its frequent wars with Ethiopia. And that officer's name is...

The young Egyptian warrior Radames is filled with anticipation of being appointed Commander. He decides that the day he defeats Ethiopia will be the time he starts courting Aida, whom he has loved in secret. During the last war, Radames saved the life of an Ethiopian Princess, Aida, who is now a prisoner of Egypt. Aida is also attracted to the strong and hearty Radames, despite being aware he is an enemy of her homeland. Yet she, a prisoner, is unable to convey her thoughts to him. Radames promises Aida, who has wistful memories of her homeland, that he will make sure Ethiopia is liberated once the war is over. Yet she retorts, "What would it mean to you if Ethiopia were to be liberated?" Meanwhile, the Princess of Egypt, Amneris, appears atop a towering stone wall, smiling seductively and accompanied by a group of court ladies. She is also love with the heroic warrior Radames, yet from the way he looks at Aida, she is starting to suspect the two are in a relationship. Aida is trembling, caught within a confined space between love and her homeland, while Amneris is engulfed in suspicion, and Radames is preparing to attack Ethiopia to achieve an end to the war. Like the current of the great River Nile, a surge of emotions among these three will before long wash away all manner of things.

<Main Cast>

Radames :
A young Egyptian military commander

Manato Asaka

Aida :
A prisoner of Egypt, who is actually an Ethiopian Princess

Rion Misaki

Ubaldo :
Aida's elder brother

Suzuho Makaze

Amonasro :
The King of Ethiopia and Aida's father

Chihiro Itsuki

Pharaoh :
The King of Egypt

Kaoru Ebira

Nesser :
The Chief Priest of Egypt

Tsukasa Kotobuki

Fatma :
A prisoner of Egypt. Formerly Aida's lady-in-waiting

Maira Mikaze

Kamante :
A former vassal of the Kingdom of Ethiopia

Sayato Sumiki

Kheper :
Radames' comrade-in-arms

Hikaru Aizuki

Sauf :
A former vassal of the Kingdom of Ethiopia

Riku Sorahane

Merlk :
Radames' comrade-in-arms

Minato Sakuragi

Amneris :
The daughter of Pharaoh, the King of Egypt

Urara Reimi


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