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Takarazuka Revue'MOON TROUPE' performance / TAKARAZUKA Apr.1 - Jun.1 2015 / TOKYO Jun.19- Jul.26 2015
Japan Post Insurance Dream Theatre Le Spectacle Musical『1789-Les Amants de la Bastille-』

main cast

1789-Les Amants de la Bastille-

The story is set in France in the latter half of the 1780s. Cracks are starting to appear in the rule of the once-flourishing Bourbon Dynasty. Uprisings by citizens burdened by excessive taxes are a common occurrence throughout the country.

Ronan's father was shot to death by officers and his farmland taken away. He makes a desperate vow to take revenge for his father and to have his property returned. Leaving his hometown and heading for Paris, he encounters the young revolutionaries Desmoulins and Robespierre at their stronghold of Palais Royal. Having come into contact with their ideology, he now starts to put his hopes on the coming of a new era.

Meanwhile, Marie Antoinette, Count Artois (the younger brother of the King) and other aristocrats continue leading sumptuous lives in the Palace of Versailles, unaware that the dissatisfaction of the citizens is on the verge of boiling over into revolt. Furthermore, Antoinette is burning with forbidden passion for Fersen, a Swedish military officer. The couple secretly visit the Palais Royal for a tryst. Ronan, who happens to be present at their secret location, has a fateful encounter with a woman named Olympe, who is attending Antoinette. The two soon develop feelings for each other. Yet their love is a turbulent one, given that Ronan detests the monarchy and Olympe, being the governess of the Crown Prince, is in the service of the Royal Family.

The flames of the revolutionaries, who have gained the support of the citizens, will shortly surge in strength. The movement will grow until it becomes a major force that will move history. July 14, 1789, the day the Bastille is stormed, has arrived for Ronan, who has thrown himself into the revolution.

<Main Cast>

Ronan Mazurier :
A young man from a farming village.
His father was unjustly murdered by the authorities

Masaki Ryu

Marie Antoinette :
The Queen of France

Reika Manaki

Camille Desmoulins :
A revolutionary and journalist

Ruumi Nagina

Charles, Count of Artois :
The younger brother of Louis XVI

Rurika Miya

Maximilien Robespierre :
A young assembly member who comes from the commoner class. A lawyer

Ryo Tamaki

Louis XVI :
The King of France

Ren Mishiro

Georges Jacques Danton :
A lawyer

Kurama Sao

Lieutenant du Puget :
An officer in the garrison of Bastille. Olympe's father

Yu Asuka

Lady Yolande de Polignac :
The private tutor of the Crown Prince

Yurino Toka

Count Lazare de Peyrol :
An aristocrat and officer

Kaito Seijo

Olympe du Puget :
The Crown Prince's Governess

Wakaba Saotome
[Apr.28-May.2, May.8-12, May.23-Jun.1]

Mitsuki Umino
[Apr.24-27, May.3-6, May.14-22]

Solene Mazurier :
The younger sister of Ronan

Mira Hanahi
[Apr.28-May.6, May.18-22, May.28-Jun.1]

Aki Harune
[Apr.24-27, May.8-17,May. 23-26]

Hans Axel von Fersen :
A Swedish Count

Chisei Akatsuki


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