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Takarazuka Revue'SNOW TROUPE' performance / Takarazuka jan.1-Feb.2 2015 / Tokyo  Fab.20- Mar.22 2015
NTT EAST and NTT WEST FLET'S THEATER Musical『Lupin the Third-In Search of the Queen’s Necklace-』
NTT EAST and NTT WEST FLET'S THEATER Fantastic Show『Fancy Guy!』

main cast

Lupin the Third
-In Search of the Queen’s Necklace-

In modern day France, an exhibition is being held at the Palace of Versailles of the “Necklace of Marie Antoinette.” The necklace had been used in a fraud case that marked a chapter in French history and later went missing. It has been reproduced using real diamonds.

Fujiko has sneaked into Versailles, as has the gang of Lupin, Goemon and Jigen – all with the intention of getting their hands on the necklace, which is valued at over 3 billion yen in today’s money. But they bump into Inspector Zenigata. Lupin is the one who manages to foil Zenigata and grab the necklace.
Yet the instant he lays hands on it, everyone is enveloped in a mysterious light.
When they regain consciousness, they notice they have gone through a time slip to 1785, before the French Revolution when Louis the 16th and Marie Antoinette were around.

Lupin is aware that the alchemist, Count Cagliostro -who is known for appearing in unexpected places at unexpected times - is also present. Lupin approaches him for any clues on how he can return to the modern day.
He eventually finds out that the “ Tear of Mary,” a secret Hapsburg treasure owned by the Queen, is the key for getting back home.

Lupin coerces Jeanne and her lover Retaux, who hold a grudge against Count Cagliostro and Antoinette, into cooperating with him, in exchange for delivering them the Queen’s necklace. He also approaches Antoinette in order to obtain the “ Tear of Mary” for himself. But as the two pass time together, he falls for this free-spirited woman who is filled with curiosity. Antoinette in turn is fascinated by Lupin, who lives a free unfettered life, unlike her own.
But will Lupin and his gang ever be able to return to the modern world?
And will Lupin be able to save the life of the Queen amid the chaos of the French Revolution unleashed by Robespierre and his cohorts?

<Main Cast>

Lupin the Third :
A master thief, and grandson of Lupin the phantom thief

Seina Sagiri

Marie Antoinette :
The Queen of France

Miyu Sakihi

Countess Noailles :
Marie Antoinette’s tutor

Masumi Rika

Count Mercy :
The Austrian Ambassador

Haruto Sono

Inspector Zenigata :
A detective of the International Criminal Police Organization
[ICPO], who is in charge of watching over Lupin on a full-time basis

Seika Yumeno

Fujiko Mine :
A mysterious female thief

Seshiru Daigo

Count Cagliostro :
An alchemist

Futo Nozomi

Goemon Ishikawa :
The 13th generation descendant of Goemon Ishikawa. He uses a sword that cuts through iron

Sho Ayanagi

Daisuke Jigen :
Lupin’s partner and a gunman

Sakina Ayakaze

Retaux de La Villette :
The lover of Countess Jeanne de la Motte and a ringleader in a case concerning the Queen’s necklace

Kanato Tsukishiro

Fancy Guy!

A revue by good-looking guys, which takes on the challenge of a newly formed Snow Troupe, led by Seina Sagiri.

Berlin in the 1930s -evenings of decadence with military officers.
Madrid- A phantom seen by a man inside a Mosquita, an Arabic church.
Vienna -Love erupts during the intermission of a dazzling opera.
Paris- The finale comes amid a glittering revue.

The height of dandiness featuring “the guy,” a display of the enchantment of adult sexiness.
Dance scenes unfolding, at times sweet, at times heartrending and at times exciting.


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