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Takarazuka Revue'MOON TROUPE' performance / Takarazuka Sep.26-Nov.3 2014 / Tokyo Nov.21- Dec.27 2014
			Musical『PUCK』Written and directed by Shuichiro Koike Show Fantasy『CRYSTAL TAKARAZUKA-Crystals of Images-』Written and directed by Satoru Nakamura

main cast


The setting is Cornwall in southern England. According to custom,a music festival is taking place on the night before the summer solstice, called "Midsummer's Eve," in a forest owned by the aristocratic Greyville family, which dates back 15 generations. This year marks the 60th festival, which is hosted by Sir Edward Greyville, the head of the Greyville family. He has two granddaughters, namely Hermia and Helen. Danny, the son of a hotel magnate, and Larry, the son of a family of aristocrats, are both captivated by the charming Hermia. They stare not toward her cousin Helen but to her, whom they are desperately trying to attract. Preparations for the music festival are disrupted when Bobby, the son of the forest guardian, intrudes while accompanied by a noisy child. Just at that time, as the adults begin to leave the forest, Hermia witnesses the elves as they gather around a stone stage. In a stupor, Hermia stares at the spectacle, which seems to be visible only to her. The stage eventually splits open. The elf Puck emerges and is born.

On the instruction of Oberon, the king of the elves, the newly born Puck sets out to observe humans, who are so superficial that they can't tell the difference between true beauty and ugliness. He must take care not to be seen. Normal humans can't see elves, although there are some children who have "second sight" that gives them this power. Puck heads toward the world of humans, after being instructed by guardian elves to always uphold their code.

He quickly sneaks up to the Greyville estate. In the hallway, Puck takes advantage of his invisibility to trigger confusion among the guests by playing one prank after another. But only Hermia with her second sight realizes it is Puck, the elf born in the forest. He is overjoyed she can see him. Puck violates the elves' code by exchanging words with her, and he falls in love with this pure hearted woman. He is unaware that harsh penalties await any elf who falls in love with a human.

The time for humans passes quickly. Today is the day of the 69th Music Festival for Midsummer's Eve. During the last nine years, Danny has succeeded his father and enjoyed success as a businessman. Larry has become an instructor at his alma mater. Bobby works at the Greyville estate while having dreams of becoming a rock star. Helen, as before, harbors unrequited love for Danny. And then there is Hermia. She has lost her second sight and forgotten about Puck. Meanwhile, Puck is shocked by the sight of Hermia now that she has fully become an adult. Puck employs pansies, the ower of wizards, in an attempt to annoy people, even while under Oberon's orders.

<Main Cast>

Puck :
An elf born in the forest

Masaki Ryu

Hermia :
A granddaughter in the Greyville family

Reika Manaki

Daniel Lennox (Danny) :
The son of a hotel magnate

Rurika Miya

Lionel Jasper (Larry) :
The son in an aristocratic family

Ruumi Nagina

Bobby :
The son of the forest guardian

Ryo Tamaki

Helen :
Hermia's cousin

Kurama Sao

Oberon :
The King of the elves

Kaito Seijo

Titania :
The Queen of the elves

Yurino Toka

Sir Edward Greyville :
The head of the Greyville family

Yu Asuka

CRYSTAL TAKARAZUKA -Crystals of Images-

Based on the concept of "a show as crystals of images," this is an energetic performance centering on dancing and comprising scenes of a "love crystal," "passion crystal," "dream crystal," and others. This production, brimming with brilliance and liveliness, is ideal for embellishing the centenary of the Takarazuka Revue, which has emphasized both tradition and innovation throughout its history.


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