Tokyo Takarazuka Theater

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater(TOKYO)
Jul.28-Aug.27 2017
Ancient Romance

"Wind Over Yamatai-koku"

Written and directed by Satoru Nakamura Revue Fantastique


Only the Finest Wine for You Written and directed by Daisuke Fujii On sale from: June 25, 2017, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,000 / S Seat : 8,800 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)


"Wind Over Yamatai-koku"

1,800 years ago, in Ancient Japan... The Japanese Archipelago was then known by the name of Wa. Here there were over 30 kingdoms ruled by monarchs bearing the title of Okimi. It was around this time that the introduction of rice farming and metal tools of fine quality and utility from the mainland yielded dramatic improvements in the lives of the islands' people. However, the kingdoms were engaged in ceaseless conflicts with each other to gain control over fertile lands. The long-lasting wars exhausted the people's spirit. One of the realms, Yamatai-koku, was the central member of an alliance of kingdoms. The quarrels with Yamatai-koku's chief rival, Kuna-koku, grew more ferocious day by day, as Kuna-koku struggled mightily to establish dominion over all the kingdoms of Wa.
A young boy orphaned by the war with Kuna-koku, Takehiko, was one day rescued from his pursuers by a man named Li Yuan, who had crossed the sea from the mainland. Under Li Yuan's tutelage, Takehiko studied the art of combat and how to stay alive in this world. As time passed, Li Yuan's teachings imbued Takehiko with the skills he needed to fight and survive. Like Takehiko's mother and father, though, Li Yuan was eventually murdered by soldiers from Kuna-koku. There was something Li Yuan had said to Takehiko that particularly resonated in his memory from that day on: "You cannot change your fate, but you can open the path to your survival."
One day, Takehiko saved a girl named Mana as Kuna-koku soldiers were assaulting her. She told Takehiko that she was heading for a Yamatai village to become a shrine maiden. Mana also told him of her ability to hear the voices of the gods and foresee the future. Employing her skills of divination, she informed Takehiko, "Someday, you will cross the sea and go to a distant kingdom..." She added, "We met once before in the distant past, and I was promised that we shall meet once again." Mana further revealed to Takehiko that she wanted to use her powers to bring peace back to the lives of the people. Takehiko was enamored of Mana's mysterious demeanor and appearance. Destined to meet again were Takehiko and Mana... Takehiko bid farewell to Mana as she hurried on to the Yamatai village, while he decided he would become a soldier of Yamatai to help restore peace to the kingdom.
When Takehiko went down to a Yamatai village, he and his comrades were immediately ordered to conduct reconnaissance against Kuna-koku. At a fort he crossed swords with a Kuna warrior. It was this warrior who had felled Li Yuan. He was also a general, and the commander of the Kuna-koku soldiers who had assailed Mana. His name was Kukochihiko. During the fight the fort was consumed in flames. As he departed, Takehiko had the sense that he would engage Kukochihiko in combat yet again.
When the king of Yamatai-koku, the central kingdom in the alliance, passed away, the other Okimi convened and decided that Mana, now holding the title of Great Shrine Maiden, would receive the name Himiko and become Queen of Yamatai and the Wa-koku Alliance.
A banquet was held to celebrate the Queen's enthronement. There, Takehiko laid eyes upon the new Queen... It was Mana, the girl whom he had saved from the Kuna-koku soldiers that one day. Takehiko's deeds were inspired by thoughts of Mana, though now she practically lived in a different world from him... Mana, meanwhile, upon noticing Takehiko's presence, was unable to conceal her amazement.
Connected to each other by an ancient bond... Events will play out so as to reunite Takehiko and Mana.


"Santé!!" is the French word for "Cheers!" Wine is beloved across the globe. We hope this Takarazuka production will intoxicate you with its singular beauty and brilliance, like a good glass of wine. In fact, the elegant, sophisticated image of wine is a perfect match for the essence of the Takarazuka Revue. The concept of this performance is "the many dreams one sees upon imbibing wine" in Paris, a city packed with an abundance of dreams, love and romance. Take in a richly aromatic, mature, liberating revue where Rio Asumi will cast her charms on you.

Main cast

"Wind Over Yamatai-koku"

Takehiko: Yamatai-koku warrior

Rio Asumi

Himiko: previously Mana; Queen of Yamatai-koku

Ayase Senna

Kukochihiko: Kuna-koku general

Toa Serika

Great Shrine Maiden:

Keiko Miho

Himikuko: King of Kuna

Kaito Seijo

Li Yuan: Takehiko's master

Mizuki Takasho

Akehi: King of Yamatai's daughter

Juria Hanano

King of Ito:

Rai Yugiri

Hibika: shrine maiden

Yukina Mebuki

Kanuha: Akehi's handmaiden

Ibu Umesaki

King of Na:

Kazuya Seto

King of Iki:

Runa Saezuki

Saoto: shrine maiden

Akari Shiraki

Izu: shrine maiden

Yume Marika

Nashime: Yamatai-koku retainer

Michiru Temma

Ashira: Yamatai-koku corporal

An Hozuki

Itose: shrine maiden

Kurara Nana

Furuhi: village girl

Ayaka Osaki

King of Fumi:

Hibiki Wataru

Hiiragi: shrine maiden

Rino Mihana

King of Matsura:

Nagisa Maizuki

King of Toma:

Sho Kazumi

Hanahi: village girl

Ririka Kaga

King of Yamatai:

Mitsuki Haryu

Chinu: shrine maiden

Kaho Niina

Utsutsu: shrine maiden

Seira Sachika

Tsuburame: Yamatai-koku soldier

Maito Minami

Furudori: Yamatai-koku soldier

Rei Yuzuka

Kagura: shrine maiden

Tsugumi Maho

Isaragi: shrine maiden

Emi Otohane

Yuzuriha: Yamatai-koku soldier

Kei Yunami

Toyo: village girl

Kiwa Asazuki

Uzume: village girl

Nachi Sarasa

Sazare: Yamatai-koku soldier

Sena Yabuki

Isaka: Yamatai-koku female soldier

Mirei Shiroki

Kana: village girl

Urara Haruhi

Iyasako: Yamatai-koku soldier

Maki Kureha

Kamui: Yamatai-koku soldier

Hikari Ayaki

Isurugi: Kuna-koku soldier

Tsukasa Hiryu

Tatara: Kuna-koku soldier

Toma Aren

Susari: Kuna-koku soldier

Mahiro Hozumi

Iyo: Himiko's handmaiden

Kurisu Oto

Young Takehiko:

Yuki Hana