Tokyo Takarazuka Theater

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater(TOKYO)
Oct.13-Nov.19 2017
Musical Play

“Land of the Gods”

—The Twilight of the Romanovs— Written and directed by Kumiko Ueda Revue Romance

“Classical Bijoux”

Written and directed by Daichi Inaba On sale from: September 10, 2017, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,000 / S Seat : 8,800 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)


“Land of the Gods”

Russia, 1916—The populace, worn down by the ongoing World War, found an outlet for their frustration and grievances with the Romanov dynasty in terrorism across the nation. The momentum for revolution was finally gathering. To make things worse for the falling the Romanov dynasty, a dark rumor was whispered in the imperial capital Petrograd: “Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra (Kira Rinjo) have been manipulated by Rasputin the Mad Monk (Hikaru Aizuki) and driven to misrule.”
Amid this unrest, a farewell party was being held at the now deceased Grand Duke Sergei’s manor house in the suburb of Moscow for the Grand Duke’s nephew, Dmitri Pavlovich Romanov (Manato Asaka). The orphaned Dmitri had been living with his uncle Sergei, but since Sergei died in a terrorist attack, the manor was inhabited only by Dmitri and Sergei’s young widow Irina (Urara Reimi). Dmitri, being an able army officer and a cousin to the emperor, was asked by the imperial family to leave Sergei’s home and come to Petrograd to guard them.
Aving spent a long period at the front lines, Dmitri saw the bleak future ahead for Russia. After losing battle after battle in World War I, the Emperor has now lost the trust of his people. As Dmitri believed that the only way to create a brighter future was to have a Romanov—that is, Dmitri himself—at the war front risking his life in the struggle, he is no pleased with this assignment to the capital. However, Irina, the Emperor’s younger sister expected Dmitri to assist the imperial family and help straighten out the political situation at court. Urged on by Irina, Dmitri heads for Petrograd.
In the imperial palace, the antagonism between the Emperor’s family and Empress dowager Maria (Tsukasa Kotobuki) and her followers, who dislike Rasputin, is heating up. While Dmitri was struggling in his pursuit of the dynasty’s survival, his old friend Prince Felix Yusupov (Suzuho Makaze) approaches him with an astounding plan: assassinate Rasputin and stage a coup d’etat. At the same time, Dmitri is faced with marriage to Princess Olga (Madoka Hoshikaze)... Feeling an ache in his heart when Irina congratulates him on his future marriage, Dmitri gets himself caught up in the great turbulence of history.

“Classical Bijoux”

The glamorous bijoux (“jewel”) captivates people’s hearts and mesmerizes viewers. “Classical Bijoux” is a Revue performance graced with the colorful brilliance of the Cosmos Troupe members in scenes telling the story of many a gem. Projecting the allure of Manato Asaka, who embodies the traditional beauty of Takarazuka’s otoko yaku (male-role) actors, to a jewel that emits a radiant array of color, the Revue delivers the utmost splendor.

Main cast

“Land of the Gods”

Dmitri Pavlovich Romanov: Cousin to the Emperor, an Imperial Army officer

Manato Asaka

Felix Yusupov: Heir to the noble Yusupov family, an old friend of Dmitri

Suzuho Makaze

Grand Duchess Irina (Irene) : Wife of Grand Duke Sergei, sister of Empress Alexandra

Urara Reimi

Princess Olga: Eldest daughter of Emperor Nicholas II

Madoka Hoshikaze

Dowager Empress Maria: Mother of Emperor Nicholas II and Xenia

Tsukasa Kotobuki

Grand Duchess Xenia: Younger sister to Emperor Nicholas II, mother of Alina

Maira Mikaze

Zinaida Yusupova: Mother of Felix, a heiress

Chitose Junya

Mrs. Lokhtina: Fanatic of Rasputin, “Holy fool for Christ” (yurodivy)

Mai Kanon

Konstantin Smolenskii: Royal Horse Guards officer, a colleague of Dmitri

Sayato Sumiki

Yana: Activist, a dancer at the gypsy pub

Akina Ayase

Empress Alexandra: Empress of Imperial Russia

Kira Rinjo

Emperor Nicholas II: Emperor of Imperial Russia

Akira Matsukaze

Rasputin: Monk and mystic

Hikaru Aizuki

Steward Popovich: Steward at Grand Duke Sergei’s house

Ayato Hoshibuki

Rada: Zobar’s older sister, a singer at the gypsy pub

Risa Seoto

Lady Belzelskaia: Officer’s wife

Moa Aishiro

Vladimir Bordin: Royal Horse Guards officer, a colleague of Dmitri

Riku Sorahane

Milla: Activist, a dancer at the gypsy pub

Kanari Yuino

Ivan: Farmer

Kakeru Fuma

Chief Lopatnikoff: Police Chief at the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Haruka Mitsuki

Lady Chicherina: Officer’s wife

Airi Hanasaki

Lady Bakunina: Officer’s wife

Rei Sakurane

General Garlicki: Leading figure in the military

Rio Hoshizuki

Zoya: Activist, a dancer at the gypsy pub

Maria Aisaki

Royal Horse Guards officer Belzelski: A colleague of Dmitri

Oki Haruse

Zobar: Activist, a dancer at the gypsy pub

Minato Sakuragi

Royal Horse Guards officer Bakunin: A colleague of Dmitri

Jun Mirei

Princess Arina: Niece to Emperor Nicholas II, Felix’s fiancée

Mari Ayaka

Nelli: Activist, a dancer at the gypsy pub

Maya Suzuka

Igor: Activist

Ren Asao

Royal Horse Guards officer Chicherin: A colleague of Dmitri

Maki Nanao

Maxim: Activist, a dancer at the gypsy pub

Sora Kazuki

Ms. Golovina: Fanatic of Rasputin, “Holy fool for Christ” (yurodivy)

Mari Setohana

Hermolaus: Activist, a dancer at the gypsy pub

Hikaru Akine

Lady Goncharova: Officer’s wife

Shigure Risaki

Royal Horse Guards officer Izmailov: A colleague of Dmitri

Rui Akina

Crown prince Alexei: Eldest son of Emperor Nicholas II

Rizu Hanabishi

Royal Horse Guards officer Goncharov: A colleague of Dmitri

Ichi Mizuka

Rinat: Activist

Aoi Asahina

Kirichenko: Secret police agent

Makise Rui

Princess Tatiana: Second daughter of Emperor Nicholas II

Rara Haruha

Lady Izmailova: Officer’s wife

Sayo Koharuno

Kolya: Activist

Seri Homare

Roman Potemkin: Royal Horse Guards officer, a colleague of Dmitri

Hikaru Rukaze

Mitya: Younger brother of Rada and Zobar, a guitarist

Shion Yuki