Takarazuka Grand Theater

Takarazuka Grand Theater(HYOGO)
Oct.5-Nov.5 2018
- Japanese Fantasy -

"Castle of the White Heron"

Written and directed by Takuji Ono Musical Play

"Outsiders in the Renaissance"

- Memories Painted by da Vinci - Written and directed by Daisuke Tabuchi On sale from: September 1, 2018, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,000 / S Seat : 8,300 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)


"Castle of the White Heron"

Nearly 1,000 years ago, in the ornate capital of Heian-kyo, there was a young, fair-skinned man of noble birth by the name of Abe no Yasunari, who was also a diviner. His foe was Tamamo no Mae. She was a bewitching magical fox who deceived the hearts of men. Time passed. Places changed. Now, the decisive day approaches at the splendid, renowned fortress known as the Castle of the White Heron. At times with grace, at times mysteriously, this revue of a Japanese tale depicts the fate of the diviner and the magical fox, in conflict and drawn to each other over the course of reincarnations spanning a millennium.

"Outsiders in the Renaissance"

While Leonardo da Vinci is celebrated as an all-around genius, there is still much about his life that remains unknown. One theory is that the inspiration for his creations was his love for a woman. This production depicts the affection and hatred between da Vinci and the figures in his life.
The story is set in 15th-century Florence, Italy. Lorenzo de Medici rules over the city-state in this era and fuels a flourishing of Renaissance art. He is an exceptionally skilled military strategist and statesman whose relationship with the Pope is growing increasingly antagonistic. De Medici has given his patronage to a young Leonardo da Vinci as an artist. While completing the works requested of him, da Vinci is also busy indulging himself in projects commissioned by others, which draws the irritation of de Medici. It is at this time that da Vinci learns that de Medici's lover is Caterina, his childhood friend. The two grew up as illegitimate children who stuck together and understood the loneliness felt by the other. Now Caterina has grown into a beautiful lady, but da Vinci sees in her eyes an enigmatic smile that seems to shield her true feelings from view.

Main cast

"Outsiders in the Renaissance"

Leonardo da Vinci:

Suzuho Makaze


Madoka Hoshikaze

Lorenzo de Medici:

Toa Serika

The Pope / Duke of Milan:

Tsukasa Kotobuki


Maira Mikaze


Chitose Junya


Mai Kanon


Sayato Sumiki

Belly dancer:

Akina Ayase

Francesco Pazzi:

Kira Rinjo


Akira Matsukaze

Bishop Guido:

Hikaru Aizuki


Ayato Hoshibuki


Moa Aishiro


Riku Sorahane

Tavern singer:

Kakeru Fuma


Haruka Mitsuki

Belly dancer:

Airi Hanasaki


Rio Hoshizuki


Oki Haruse

Giuliano de Medici:

Minato Sakuragi


Jun Mirei


Maki Nanao


Sora Kazuki

Festival singer:

Mari Setohana


Hikaru Akine


Makise Rui


Rara Haruha


Hikaru Rukaze


Mineri Amairo

Leonardo (as a little boy):

Hikaru Manami

Caterina (as a little girl) / Lucrezia:

Aya Yumeshiro