The Takarazuka Revue's members presently comprise five troupes—Flower, Moon, Snow, Star and Cosmos—and the Senka, or "Superior Members." Each performance is conducted by one of these groups.

Each troupe has a leading pair of actors: the "top star" as the best otoko yaku and the "top musume yaku" playing alongside the top star. The plots of many performances develop around this top pair, who in combination with the enticing traits of the troupe's other members create a uniquely captivating theatrical production.

Creating a world of dreams
5 Troupes + Senka

  • Flower troupe

    Formed in 1921. They often say that the fortunes of the Takarazuka Revue follow those of the Flower troupe. In addition to its members' general skill, the troupe is popular for its gorgeously colorful presentation--as befits its name. Flower has produced numerous otoko yaku stars over the troupe's long history.

  • Moon troupe

    Along with Flower, the Moon troupe was created in 1921. In addition to performing the first Japanese revue of "Mon Paris," Moon was the first to do "The Rose of Versailles" and "Gone With the Wind." Meticulous attention to group performances is a Moon tradition.

  • Snow troupe

    The Snow troupe was inaugurated in 1924, the year the Takarazuka Grand Theater opened. It was the first to perform "Elisabeth," but has also done many Japanese works, as exemplified by the success of "The Treasury of Loyal Retainers," "Jin" and "Ichimuanfuryuki Maeda Keiji."

  • Star troupe

    The Star troupe came to be when the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater opened in 1933. They perform many works where the otoko yaku is particularly mesmerizing, such as "My Love Lies Over the Mountains" and "War and Peace."

  • Cosmos troupe

    The theater company set out to create the Cosmos troupe when it decided to stage productions at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater year-round. This was 65 years after the birth of the Star troupe and marked the beginning of the current five-troupe configuration.

  • Superior Members (Senka)

    The Superior Members(Senka) belong to no one troupe. They are a group of specialists who appear in any of the troupes' productions as needed. They add a new twist when they join a performance and help to instruct their junior Takarasienne.