Takarazuka Revue Terms of Service (Site Policy)
This website/homepage (hereinafter the "Homepage") is operated and administered by Hankyu Corporation (hereinafter the "Company").

When using the Homepage, first please read carefully over the terms of use below and consent to them. If you cannot consent, we must regretfully ask that you do not use the Homepage. If you do use the Homepage, it is assumed that you consent to all of the terms of use below. In addition, each section of the Homepage has separate terms of service prescribed for it. Please use these sections after you have carefully read their terms of service and consented to them.

Copyrights of the Homepage
(1) The unauthorized reproduction, secondary use and so on of the digital materials appearing on the Homepage (all digital information such as text, photographs, images, illustrations and programs) is prohibited without the permission of the copyright holders.

(2) All content included in the Homepage (information, logos, button icons, images, etc.) belongs not only to the Company and the Takarazuka Revue Company, but also to the original copyright holders and other right holders. The use of the Homepage is limited to private use by the individual visitor and other use within the scope recognized by the Copyright Act of Japan. In addition, because said content is not transferable to the visitor, the Company adamantly rejects reuse on other websites, including a homepage of an individual visitor, and in printed materials.

Exemptions of the Company
The information of the Homepage has been posted after a thorough review and check, but there is no guarantee concerning the contents on the Homepage. Please note that the Company bears no responsibility whatsoever for any damages incurred due to any person's use of the information on the Homepage or the inability to use said information. Please be responsible and use good judgment when using the information on the Homepage.

The Company may change the information on the Homepage without advance notice. In addition, service may be interrupted or delayed or its provision may be halted due to trouble with a computer network or elsewhere, natural disaster, maintenance work or other reasons. We appreciate your understanding.

The Company may change the Terms of Service of the Homepage. Changes to the Terms of Service come into effect at the time they are posted on the Homepage.

Content from the homepages of third parties other than the Homepage that post links to the Homepage or from the Homepage (hereinafter "Link Sites") is the responsibility of each Link Site to operate and administer. When using said Link Sites, please abide by the terms of service, copyrights and other such rules of each Link Site. The Company bears no responsibility whatsoever for any damages arising from link content or from its use.

Changes to the Terms of Service
The Company may change the content of the Terms as necessary. We appreciate your understanding. Visitors should please regularly check the Terms of Service.

Applicable Laws
The applicable laws for any matters, including disputes concerning the Terms of Service and the Homepage, are the laws of Japan, and the court of first instance having exclusive jurisdiction by agreement is the Osaka District Court.