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Aug.26-Oct.3 2016
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“One Samurai from Kagoshima”

-SAMURAI The FINAL- Written and directed by Yoshimasa Saito Romantic Revue

“Romance!! ”

Written and directed by Keiji Okada On sale from: July 23, 2016, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,500 / S Seat : 8,800 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
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“One Samurai from Kagoshima”

From the end of the Edo period to the Meiji Restoration in the early Meiji period, Toshiaki Kirino lived as the “Last Samurai,” embracing sincerity and dedicating himself to his personal honor. This story focuses on the personal “restoration” of Toshiaki-the man touted today as the driving force behind the Meiji Restoration-and what lead to his eventual demise in his hometown in Kagoshima. With the arrival of Commodore Matthew Perry’s “Black Ships” in Japan, momentum behind the movement to spurn foreign countries by expelling foreigners continues to grow. Born and raised in Yoshino in the Satsuma Domain in the shadow of the majestic Sakurajima Volcano, Hanjiro Nakamura (later known as Toshiaki Kirino) and his childhood friend Shuntaro Enami spend their days practicing sword fighting and dreaming of the day they would wield swords in Kyoto, the capital. One day, Hanjiro finds himself face to face with Kichinosuke Saigo (later known as Takamori), a heroic figure in Satsuma. Hanjiro appeals directly to Saigo about his desire to go to the capital to help expel foreigners but is swiftly remonstrated by Saigo. “Humans should not fight each other. We must create a peaceful world,” Saigo says, and explains to Hanjiro his far-reaching dreams of the future. Upon hearing this, Hanjiro devotes himself to Saigo, resolving to risk his own life on the road to bringing the Japan of Saigo’s dreams to life. Before long, Hanjiro and Shuntaro head for the capital in the company of Hisamitsu Shimazu, the father of the Satsuma Domain. In the turbulent times on the heels of the Edo period, Hanjiro distinguishes himself for deeds of valor. Time passes, and the story picks up again in Tokyo, the imperial capital, in 1873. Following the Meiji Restoration, Hanjiro changes his name to Toshiaki Kirino and rises to the rank of army major general. One day, Toshiaki is reunited with Shuntaro, who is returning home from a European tour. Despite their incredibly successful careers, the two’s love for their home, Satsuma, remains unchanged. “For my home, I give my strength now and forever.” With such thoughts brewing in their chests, the two embark whole-heartedly on their journeys with Toshiaki joining the same army as his idol, Takamori Saigo, and Shuntaro joining the Keishitai troop of police officers. Toshiaki soon begins visiting a mansion in order to see Fuyu Otani, a young woman born in the Aizu Domain, who is studying medicine and taking refuge there. Thanks to Fuyu, Toshiaki experiences a variety of books. Having practiced sword fighting since a young age, Toshiaki finds this to be an experience for which there is almost no substitute. Toshiaki and Fuyu’s meeting, however, takes place during the Boshin War as the new government forces that make up the heart of the Satsuma Domain engage in battle with the old shogunate army of Aizu. On the front lines, Toshiaki strikes down an Aizu samurai with his sword, a samurai who also happens to be Fuyu’s father. With no regard for the danger of her actions, Fuyu seeks to avenge her father by trying to cut down Toshiaki. Toshiaki, however, risks his own life to protect Fuyu from an incoming cannon ball. Having already lost family and home, Fuyu also loses her memory, and although Toshiaki takes charge of her care, he does not tell her that he was the one who killed her father. The clueless Fuyu yearns for Toshiaki, who, even with a cloud of guilt over his head, uses the time spent with Fuyu as a way to experience at least a moment’s peace. However, Toshiaki’s day-to-day life in Tokyo proves problematic as controversy surrounding Saigo’s desire to visit Korea arises. Saigo, in an effort to appease the complaints of the warrior class directed at the new government, encourages dispatching troops to Korea. Saigo finds himself in conflict with Toshimichi Okubo, the Secretary of the Interior, who considers stabilization of domestic affairs a top priority. Losing his bid to invade Korea, Saigo resigns from his post as the commander of the imperial guard and returns to Kagoshima. Entrusting the future of Japan to Shuntaro, Toshiaki follows Saigo home. However, despite feeling the strain of age caused by the Meiji Restoration, Toshiaki soon heads off to shake up the fate of the home he loves and to earn his place in the history books.

“Romance!! ”

“Romance!!” is the 19th program in the Romantic Revue series, which illustrates the glamor and tradition of the Takarazuka Revue. Highlighted by the outstanding singing of the leading star Kairi Hokusho, the Star Troupe delivers several vignettes on the eternal theme of the Takarazuka Revue — the romantic world of love.

Main cast

“Dancing in the Cherry Blossoms”-SAMURAI The FINAL-

Toshiaki Kirino: Commonly known as Hanjiro Nakamura, a poor and low-ranking samurai of the Satsuma Domain who is an exceptional swordsman

Kairi Hokusho

Fuyu Otani: Daughter of an Aizu Domain samurai who fights courageously with the government army using a naginata polearm

Fu Hinami

Shuntaro Enami: Hanjiro Nakamura's best friend who is a poor country samurai of the Satsuma Domain

Yuzuru Kurenai

Toshimichi Okubo: Commonly called Ichizo, a feudal retainer of the Satsuma Domain who becomes Secretary of the Interior

Yo Natsumi

Takamori Saigo: Commonly called Kichinosuke, a feudal retainer of the Satsuma Domain who is the marshal and commander of the imperial guard

Ren Mishiro

Lady Ogyu: Wife of Yuzuru Ogyu

Yuzumi Mari

Takatoshi Otani: Fuyu Otani's father

Chigusa Miki

Tomomi Iwakura: Minister of the Right

Chigusa Miki

Aritomo Yamagata: Minister of War

Azusa Ichijo

Toshiyoshi Kawaji: Country samurai of the Satsuma Domain who heads the metropolitan police department

Hiroki Nanami

Kanehiro Takaki: Feudal retainer of the Satsuma Domain and naval physician

Ren Kisaragi

Yuki Beppu: Mother of Shinsuke and Kuro Beppu

Natsu Shirotae

Kunimoto Shinohara: Feudal retainer of the Satsuma Domain who is a major general

Mitsuki Tenju

Taka Enami: Shuntaro Enami's older sister

Minori Otoha

Yuzuru Ogyu: Former shogunate retainer who becomes a high government official

Makoto Oki

Kayo Mimura: Commanding Officer of the Military Nurse Group of Hakuaisha (former Japanese Red Cross Society)

Serena Aimi

William Willis: British physician

Reo Kizaki

Taizo: Taka's husband

Yurito Seki

Chika Takeshita: Hisa Takeshita's mother

Otone Shizuki

Suga Nakamura: Toshiaki Kirino's mother

Anru Yumeki

Shinpachi Murata: Feudal retainer of the Satsuma Domain who becomes a high government official

Rei Natsuki

Iwao Oyama: Commonly called Yasuke, feudal retainer of the Satsuma Domain who is Saigo's cousin and becomes a military officer

Reiya Toa

Kiri: Prostitute in Tokyo

Miyu Sorano

Tsuyoshi Inukai: Commonly called Senjiro, a Yubin Hochi Shimbun newspaper reporter

Yuki Mao

Shiro Ikenoue: Feudal retainer of the Satsuma Domain

Reira Sazanami

Nagateru Yagi: Feudal retainer of the Aizu Domain

Makoto Rei

Oshisuke Nomura: Feudal retainer of Satsuma Domain

Yu Hiroka

Komurasaki: Prostitute in Tokyo

Rira Murasaki

Shinsuke Beppu: Feudal retainer of the Satsuma Domain who is a major in the military

Yuria Seo

Naoo Nakahara: Feudal retainer of Satsuma Domain who is a spy of the Keishitai police troop

Itsuki Otosaki

Hisa Takeshita: Daughter from a country of the Satsuma Domain

Airi Kisaki

Jurota Henmi: Feudal retainer of the Satsuma Domain who is a captain in the military

Ryu Shido

Yuka: Prostitute in Tokyo

Yuriya Shiratori

Gray heron: Bird in Kagoshima

Yuriya Shiratori

Hanzaemon Nakamura: Toshiaki Kirino's younger brother

Rei Takuto

Bungoro Tanaka: Aritomo Yamagata's adjutant

Ryo Asamizu

Hisatake Katsura: Feudal retainer of the Satsuma Domain

Jun Todo

Sada Nakamura: Toshiaki Kirino's younger sister

Reira Katori

Kuro Beppu: Feudal retainer of the Satsuma Domain who is Shinsuke Beppu's older brother

Reo Iroha

Taku Mikami: Naval officer who advocates for "Showa Restoration"

Oka Aya

Ryoji Suda: Shuntaro Enami's subordinate

Oka Aya

Saori: Prostitute in Tokyo

Saki Miono

Princess Mana: Princess of the Aizu Domain

Kiho Maaya

Katamori Matsudaira: Daimyo (Lord) of the Aizu Domain

Ema Amahana

Saburo: Boy in Kagoshima

Kurara Mito

Kohee Saigo: Takamori Saigo's youngest brother

Sora Amaji

Taro: Orphan

Honoka Kozakura

Kotaro: Son of Taizo and Taka

Mineri Amairo