Tokyo Takarazuka Theater

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater(TOKYO)
Apr.1-May.8 2016
Action Romanesque


Based on the manga "RUROUNI KENSHIN: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan" (Kenshin the Wanderer: The Romantic Story of a Meiji Swordsman) by Nobuhiro Watsuki (Published by Shueisha Jump Comics) Script and direction by Shuichiro Koike On sale from: February 28, 2016, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,500 / S Seat : 9,500 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)



Our story begins in Kyoto, in the closing days of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Himura Kenshin (Seina Sagiri), a swordsman from Choshu Domain aiding the cause to restore Imperial rule, fought on the front lines to topple the shogunate and inaugurate a new era. A master of the Hiten Mitsurugi school of sword fighting, he battled the Shinsengumi special police and other foes defending the old order. With his savage swordsmanship Kenshin cut down innumerable enemies, earning him the nickname Hitokiri Battosai.
By the end of the war, Edo Castle's gates were opened without bloodshed and the shogunate fell. Ten years into the Meiji Era, Tokyo is undergoing rapid change in the name of cultural enlightenment. Kenshin is now a "rurouni," an endlessly wandering swordsman who has taken a "korosazu" vow to never kill again.
Suddenly, word gets around about a swordsman known as Himura Battosai of the Kamiya Kasshin school. Kamiya Kaoru (Miyu Sakihi) is the assistant instructor at the Kamiya Kasshin dojo. She suddenly attacks Kenshin, as she believes this man, sword on his hip yet knowing nothing about the legendary sword Sakabato, is the so-called Battosai tarnishing her school's name. Soon, though, she realizes it is all a misunderstanding.Another man searching for Battosai is Saito Hajime (Sakina Ayakaze), also known as Fujita Goro. He is a former captain of the Shinsengumi's third unit and now a lieutenant with the police. The so-called "Battosai" is a hoodlum who was once in the employ of Takeda Kanryu (Sho Ayanagi), a young businessman. Kanryu has his sights set on the property where the Kamiya Kasshin dojo stands. He eventually schemes to tarnish the school's honor and sends his henchman to steal the land. However, Kenshin is at the dojo to block the way. Hearing about the disturbance, Saito rushes over and meets Kenshin, whom he has not seen since the shogunate's fall 11 years earlier.Meanwhile, Kano Sozaburo (Futo Nozomi), a former Shinsengumi soldier who was expelled from the force, is reminded of his life over a decade ago when he hears about Battosai's re-emergence. Kano now trades goods between Japan and France and has a new name, Gerard Yamashita. He comes up with a plan to unseat the Meiji regime by using a new type of opium manufactured by Takani Megumi (Seshiru Daigo), a female physician Kanryu holds captive. Kano intends to obtain the opium from Kanryu in exchange for troops brought over from France, but Megumi escapes her confinement. On the run, she happens upon Kenshin and begs him for his help. He hides her in Kaoru's dojo. Kanryu, meanwhile, is frantic and hires Shinomori Aoshi (Kanato Tsukishiro), a famed master spy who once guarded the inner gardens of Edo Castle, to find Megumi.
It is around this time that Saito has sniffed out the plan to conquer Japan with opium and is seeking the people behind it. He asks Kenshin, who is staying at Kaoru's dojo, to aid the police in exchange for a high position in the army. Kenshin, however, declines, since he has vowed to never take another life. As he confronts his past as a butcher of men, Kenshin dearly wishes for the power to create a happy world for everyone in his life without relying on the strength of the sword. Yet under these circumstances, his heart heads in the opposite direction...

About the Snow Troupe Tokyo Takarazuka Theater Last Performance
Action Romanesque "RUROUNI KENSHIN" Live Broadcast in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Based on the manga "RUROUNI KENSHIN: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan"(Kenshin the Wanderer: The Romantic Story of a Meiji Swordsman) by Nobuhiro Watsuki(Published by Shueisha Jump Comics)

Main cast


Himura Kenshin:

Seina Sagiri

Kamiya Kaoru:

Miyu Sakihi

Kano Sozaburo:

Futo Nozomi

Yamagata Aritomo:

Yo Natsumi

Inoue Kaoru/Hiruma Kihee:

Ren Mishiro

Yamagata Tomoko/The landlady of Ichoya:

Masumi Rika

Brothel proprietress:

Rin Maisaki

The owner of Ichoya / Sekihara Otokichi:

Haruto Sono

Inoue Takeko/Tenjin:

Mako Sahana

Sagara Sanosuke:

Dai Hosho

Takani Megumi:

Seshiru Daigo


Aina Satsuki

Katsura Kogoro / Belcour:

Makoto Renjo

Hiruma Gohei / Sebastian:

Shizuru Karyo

Watagin's master:

Rei Asakaze

Sekihara Yaei:

Karen Chikaze


Kazuki Toma

Police officer/Tatsumi:

Mitsuki Oga

Takeda Kanryu:

Sho Ayanagi

Akane Tayuu:

Hina Momohana


Haruto Mana


Chio Shono

Saito Hajime:

Sakina Ayakaze


Asu Kujo


Reo Kiraha

Belcour's wife/Tenjin:

Konomi Anno

Yukishiro Tomoe/Tenjin:

Anri Hoshino

Shinomori Aoshi:

Kanato Tsukishiro


Yuri Shiramine


Ko Tachibana

Kenshin's Shadow:

Sea Towaki

Sekihara Tae:

Hitomi Arisa

Sanjo Tsubame:

Nozomi Seina

Myojin Yahiko:

Michiru Irodori