Takarazuka Grand Theater

Takarazuka Grand Theater(HYOGO)
Feb.3-Mar.6 2017
Musical Comedy

"The Queen's Chateau- Château de la Reine-"

Adapted from "The Queen's Chateau" by Jiro Asada (published by Shueisha Bunko)
Script and direction by Daisuke Tabuchi
Super Revue


Written and directed by Satoru Nakamura On sale from: January 7, 2017, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,500 / S Seat : 8,800 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)

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"The Queen's Chateau- Château de la Reine-"

The Chateau de la Reine, or "The Queen's Chateau," is a 17th-century residence tucked away at Place des Vosges in Paris. Now it is a legendary hotel known among tourist worldwide. Two tours from Japan have come at the same time to put their customers up. One is organized by Reiko Sakurai (Rion Misaki), who runs the Pan World Tour Enterprises travel agency. Hers is the guided daytime Light Tour sold for 1.5 million yen a head. The other is the nighttime Shadow Tour organized by Mitsuo Togawa (Minato Sakuragi), also from Pan World. His guided tour charges only 198,000 yen per person. There is just one problem: only one tour group got rooms booked at the hotel! To prevent her troubled company from hurtling into bankruptcy, Reiko conjures up a scheme with the hotel--which is experiencing business problems of its own--to use the rooms for both tours at the same time.
Both tour groups, full of eccentric individuals, are ill-suited to the venerable intuition that is the Chateau de la Reine. Among them is Ukyo Kitashirakawa (Manato Asaka), a celebrity novelist taking the Light Tour so he can write a romance story set in the French royal court. When he arrives at the hotel, he ignores Reiko's instructions and immediately holes himself away in his room to begin writing his novel. However, writer's block sets in... It is then that Louis XIV, the Sun King (Suzuho Makaze) who ruled France three centuries before and commissioned the construction of The Queen's Chateau, appears before Ukyo. Louis XIV has some complaints to make about the rambunctious guests, but the only thing Ukyo can think to do at such a time is try and get the French monarch to relate a romantic encounter. Stunned, Louis XIV vanishes. Soon afterward, Reiko and the customers on the Shadow Tour come into Ukyo's room. He immediately realizes from Reiko's behavior and the state of the other guests that the rooms are actually double-booked. Reiko's plan seems irreparably doomed and she tries to cancel the tour, but unexpectedly, Ukyo says not a word to the other customers. It is not that he doesn't want to say something, but actually he needs the tours to go on as planned if he is to finish writing his novel. Then, the Sun King appears before Ukyo, who seeks another audience with Louis XIV...


It's a festa where people escape from their everyday lives to celebrate all the things that make life worth living: prayer, appreciation, hope and more! The theme of this Super Review is the festa of the world, including Rio's Carnival, Walpurgis Night from North and Central Europe, the Running of the Bulls in Spain, and the Yosakoi Soran Festival of Japan. Audiences will witness the compelling power of the Cosmos Troupe in numerous ways. Welcome to the festa of the Cosmos Troupe, led by Manato Asaka.

Main cast

"The Queen's Chateau- Château de la Reine-"

Ukyo Kitashirakawa: celebrity romance novelist conducting research in Paris to get over writer's block

Manato Asaka

Reiko Sakurai: female manager at a small travel agency and tour conductor

Rion Misaki

Louis XIV: 17th-century King of France and Lord of Chateau de la Reine

Suzuho Makaze

Iwanami: Masae's husband

Chihiro Itsuki

Koji Shimoda: Fusako's husband

Tsukasa Kotobuki

Fusako Shimoda: Koji's wife

Maira Mikaze

Ritsuko Hayami:

Chitose Junya

Masae Iwanami: Iwanami's wife

Mai Kanon

Makoto Kondo:

Sayato Sumiki

Can-can dancer:

Akina Ayase

Nihachi Tanno: Mayo's husband

Kira Rinjo


Akira Matsukaze

Kanichi Kanazawa:

Hikaru Aizuki

Accordion player:

Ayato Hoshibuki

Anne d'Autriche:

Risa Seoto

Marie Therese:

Moa Aishiro

Kureyon: aka Gentaro Kuroiwa

Riku Sorahane

Can-can dancer:

Kanari Yuino

Can-can singer:

Kakeru Fuma


Haruka Mitsuki

Can-can dancer:

Airi Hanasaki


Rei Sakurane

Hotel employee:

Rio Hoshizuki

Can-can dancer:

Maria Aisaki


Oki Haruse

Mitsuo Togawa:

Minato Sakuragi


Jun Mirei

Mayo Tanno: Nihachi's wife

Mari Ayaka

Can-can dancer:

Maya Suzuka

Hotel employee:

Ren Asao


Urara Reimi


Maki Nanao


Sora Kazuki


Makise Rui

Petit Louis:

Rara Haruha


Hikaru Rukaze


Madoka Hoshikaze