Tokyo Takarazuka Theater

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater(TOKYO)
Mar.30-May.6 2018
Musical Play

“Company: Lessons, Passion, and Companionship”

Adapted from “Company” by Yuki Ibuki (published by Shinchosha) Script and direction by Masaya Ishida Show Tent Takarazuka

“BADDY: The Bad Lot Comes from the Moon”

Written and directed by Kumiko Ueda On sale from: February 25, 2018, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,000 / S Seat : 8,800 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)


“Company: Lessons, Passion, and Companionship”

Young Seiji Aoyagi’s life fell apart when he lost his wife to an illness, and his life seems to be on hold even as he continues to work for Ariake Pharmaceuticals, toiling through passionless days with only memories of his beloved to sustain him.
Ariake Pharmaceuticals announces a merger with another company, Healthy Foods, to form a new company “Ariake Foods & Pharmacy,” leading to a spate of new projects and prospects. The TV spot song titled “Breakthrough” is performed by BARBARIAN, a popular vocal and dance unit led by Nayuta Minakami. Marathon runner Mai Suzuki, previously sponsored by Ariake Pharmaceuticals, will continue to be the face of the new company, in addition to working toward qualifying for the Olympics with trainer Yui Segawa. Additionally, Ariake Foods & Pharmacy announces a memorial performance to commemorate its founding: “Swan Lake” by the Shikishima Ballet Company whose members include Sara Ariake, daughter of the company president, and led by world-renowned principal Haruka Takano, the brand ambassador of Ariake Pharmaceuticals. Against this backdrop, it is revealed that Mai is pregnant and Yui is held responsible, being told by executive officer Eiichi Wakisaka that Mai’s contract is terminated. Aoyagi’s efforts to talk the executive officer into reconsidering end in vain, and both Aoyagi and Yui are assigned to the Shikishima Ballet Company.
As general producer—a job completely outside of his expertise—Aoyagi heads for the hotel where Haruka is staying, with Sara and Yui—assigned as Haruka’s new assistant—to meet Haruka, who didn’t show up for their appointment.
Haruka, touched by Aoyagi’s sincerity and selflessness, confesses that he has serious problems stemming from continuing to dance through injuries, making him incapable of playing the role of the prince in “Swan Lake.” He requests instead the part of the devil Rott Barte, who has limited appearances in the show. He also emphasizes that what is important is not the love of your boss, but to be loved by the audience—they are a fellowship, part of the Company—and that Aoyagi’s current mission is to guide the show to success.
Through his many encounters in the Shikishima Ballet Company, Aoyagi learns that many dancers are fully committed to dancing while making their living on part-time jobs—among them, ballet dancer Minami Takasaki. Minami develops feelings for Aoyagi, who frequents the convenience store where she works part-time, but at the same time she senses his undiminished love for his lost wife.
Meanwhile, Aoyagi strives to direct the ballet performance to success. His life, once on hold, starts moving again...

“BADDY: The Bad Lot Comes from the Moon”

The story is set in the capital of Earth, TAKARAZUKA-CITY. The peaceful planet Earth, a united world where war, crime, and all evils have been overcome, receives a visit from Baddy, a vagabond rogue from the moon. Baddy is a super-cool and elegant heavy smoker. But he soon finds that smoking is outlawed across the face of the Earth. Baddy, accepting no limits, leads his gang and engages in all sorts of wrongdoing to make the dull world more interesting. His final goal is to steal the planetary budget guarded in Takarazuka Big Theater bank. But all-mighty female investigator Goody is gaining on him!
This performance is the first show produced by director Kumiko Ueda.

Main cast

“Company: Lessons, Passion, and Companionship”

Seiji Aoyagi:

Ryo Tamaki

Minami Takasaki:

Reika Manaki

Haruka Takano:

Rurika Miya

Mizuho Shikishima:

Misa Kyo

Noa Tanaka:

Yurino Toka

Seijiro Ariake:

Seri Ayazuki

Eiichi Wakisaka:

Ru Kozuki

President’s Secretary:

Miyako Kagetsu

Convenience Store Manager:

Reona Hibiki

Jin Akutsu:

Hayate Uzuki

Nana Akaba:

Kurea Remi

Saburo Otsuka:

Yuriya Shimon

An Kurokawa:

Sachika Shirayuki

Sumito Manai:

Karan Chinami

BARBARIAN performer:

Hayato Takasumi

Sara Ariake:

Wakaba Saotome

Shizuka Shiraishi:

Ran Kosaki

Masayoshi Yamada:

Yuma Kizuki

Nayuta Minakami:

Kanato Tsukishiro

BARBARIAN performer:

Rune Yumena

Pinup Model:

Toki Kanoha

BARBARIAN performer:

Tsukasa Ren

Yui Segawa:

Mitsuki Umino

Sota Haseyama:

Chisei Akatsuki

Mai Suzuki:

Sakura Misono

BARBARIAN performer:

Kanade Kio

BARBARIAN performer:

Kaoto Hanabusa