Takarazuka Grand Theater

Takarazuka Grand Theater(HYOGO)
Jul.13-Aug.20 2018


Written and directed by Ryo Harada Show Spectacular

BEAUTIFUL GARDEN: A Profusion of Flowers

Written and directed by Kosaku Noguchi On sale from: June 9, 2018, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,000 / S Seat : 8,300 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)



The story takes place in Edo Castle in 1656. Foreign-style painter Yuan Yamada is asked by the young shogun Ietsuna Tokugawa to tell him the truth about the rebellion in the Bizen Shimabara domain 20 years ago. Yuan begins to tell the story of Tokisada (Shiro) Amakusa, the man who stood up for the people and became venerated as a messiah.
The year is 1637, people in the land of Amakusa in Kyushu, once ruled by Christian feudal lord Yukinaga Konishi, still hold tight to their faith in Deus even after the ban on Christianity. The situation is the same in Shimabara, across the sea from Amakusa. People strive to live their difficult life burdened by heavy land taxes and plagued by famine, believing in “paraiso,” the heavenly land taught by Christianity.
On Easter Day, in the aftermath of days of severe storm, a mysterious man drifts up on the shore of Oyanojima, Amakusa. Even when Kosaemon Watanabe, a surviving retainer of the late Lord Yukinaga, visits to check on the man, he keeps his mouth shut, not saying a word, let alone mentioning his own name. Kosaemon asks his wife’s father, Jinbei Masuda, to take care of him for a while, a request Jinbei willingly accepts, and gives the man the name Shiro (“fourth child”), taking him in as his fourth child.
As Shiro lives among the poor but emotionally generous people of Amakusa, he develops an interest in their faith. One day on the beach, Shiro comes across his former shipmates, Fudomaru and Tamonmaru. It so happened that Shiro had been the head of a wako (Japanese pirate) band under the name of Yashaomaru. While looting treasures far and wide across the ocean, Yashaomaru and his crew had been caught in a storm in the East China Sea that shipwrecked them, but they miraculously drifted to this land. The three rejoice in their reunion. However, Fudomaru and Tamonmaru insist on searching for the Portuguese treasure hidden in this land. While Shiro tries to talk them out of it, explaining that there is no such thing, his curiosity gets the better of him, and he comes to believe there may be a secret on the deserted island of Yushima, located between Amakusa and the Shimabara Peninsula, and the three head for the island.
Shiro and the two set foot on Yushima and discover countless portraits of saints in the depths of a cave there. They were works by Emosaku Yamada (later Yuan), a young man from Shimabara with the baptized name Reno, hidden away from people’s eyes. Reno grabs his katana, declaring that now that they have seen the banned paintings he cannot let them leave alive. Then, Ru, a beautiful woman who was modeling for Reno as the Virgin Mary, stops him. Ru and the saints Reno had been painting exerted a strange pull on Shiro and remained firmly lodged in his mind even after he left the cave.
A few days later, when Shiro visits the cave again, he has a chance to talk with Ru alone. Shiro gradually develops feelings for the innocent Ru. Sometime later, Reno hurries back from Shimabara bearing alarming news: Katsuie Matsukura, the lord of the Shimabara domain, has ordered Ru’s brother Gennojo Matsushima to bring his sister to serve him at the castle. The domain lord had laid eyes on Ru’s beauty and had asked for Ru in exchange for easing the levy of land tax on Gennojo, who had remonstrated the lord for his insufferable tyranny. If Ru goes to Katsuie, known for his ruthless treatment of people, the predicament she will face is not hard to imagine. The samurais of the Shimabara domain find out about the cave and launch an attack. Shiro and his fellows fight them off and head toward Amakusa.
Shiro returns to Amakusa in the company of Ru and is determined to protect her at any cost. However, Reno reveals Shiro’s true identity out of dislike for him. Nevertheless, the people of Amakusa defend Shiro, claiming that he is amongst them as family, even upon learning that he was once the head of a wako band. In return, Shiro proclaims aloud that god resides in the hearts of those people and to build “paraiso,” their promised land with their own hands. People see a ray of hope in Shiro and unite as one to stand up to tyranny at last...

BEAUTIFUL GARDEN: A Profusion of Flowers

Takarazuka—An eternal garden where hundreds of richly scented flowers of all colors bloom.
Led by the radiant Rio Asumi, who has come into her full bloom, this glamorous and sophisticated show takes you away to an alluring world of Flower Troupe’s unrivaled beauty with the enticing HANAOTOKO and the graceful HANAOTOME.
Vibrant and fragrant like flowers in the wilderness, vivid and dynamic like fireworks in the night sky!
Don’t miss this delightful entertainment showcasing the dreams and romance of lovers themed on flowers with dazzling costumes and standard numbers from all ages and countries.

Main cast


Tokisada (Shiro) Amakusa:

Rio Asumi


Ayase Senna

Emosaku Yamada:

Rei Yuzuka

Jinbei Masuda:

Chihiro Itsuki

Soiken Mori:

Mizuki Takasho


Juria Hanano


Yukina Mebuki

Kozaemon Watanabe:

Kazuya Seto

Mondo Taga:

Runa Saezuki

Wave Spirit:

Akari Shiraki


Yume Marika

Soho Tanaka:

Michiru Temma

Katsuie Matsukura:

An Hozuki


Ayaka Osaki

Chuemon Ashizuka:

Hibiki Wataru

Woman of Amakusa:

Rino Mihana

Chudayu Ashizuka:

Nagisa Maizuki

Gennojo Matsushima:

Sho Kazumi


Ririka Kaga

Tobei Miyake:

Mitsuki Haryu


Kaho Niina

Nobutsuna Matsudaira:

Maito Minami

Woman of Amakusa:

Tsugumi Maho

Wave Spirit:

Emi Otohane

Sataro Watanabe:

Kei Yunami

Wave Spirit:

Nachi Sarasa


Aki Chiyuki

Shuho Akahoshi:

Shion Oma


Mirei Shiroki


Urara Haruhi

Iemitsu Tokugawa:

Maki Kureha

Shigenari Suzuki:

Hikari Ayaki


Tsukasa Hiryu


Towa Mineka


Sayana Marei


Toma Aren


Mahiro Hozumi


Kurisu Oto


Yukiha Itotsuki

Ietsuna Tokugawa:

Asuka Seino

Shigeyoshi Tasaki:

Koki Ichinose


Yuki Hana


Hitomi Maisora