Takarazuka Grand Theater

Takarazuka Grand Theater(HYOGO)
Jan.1-Feb.4 2019
Once upon a time in Takarazuka

"Beside the Foggy Elbe"

Written by Kazuo Kikuta
Adaptation and direction by Kumiko Ueda
Super Revue

"ESTRELLAS -The Stars-"

Written and directed by Satoru Nakamura On sale from: December 1, 2018, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,000 / S Seat : 8,300 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)


"Beside the Foggy Elbe"

Hamburg, a northern port town in Germany, is celebrating the first day of an annual beer festival.

That very same day, a freight vessel returns to the port. Karl, a sailor, meets a girl in a bar while enjoying time on shore with his shipmates.

Her name is Margit. After she tells Karl that she ran away from home, he leaves the bar with her and they enjoy the festival together. They then go up a hill overlooking the town of Hamburg. He jokes that when guys in bars flirt with runaway girls it usually has a sad ending. But he adds that if it was accompanied by a real commitment, the ending would be happy, not be tragic. Margit finds pure intentions in his coarse behavior and she falls in love.

At the same time in the old city of Lüneburg, Florian, an upper-class young man is looking for her. Margit is the first daughter of the distinguished Schrack family and Florian is her fiancé. He thinks that she ran away to avoid marrying him; however, he still loves her. On the other hand, Margit's younger sister Suzanne has her heart set on Florian.

Karl and Margit spend a night beside the Elbe River. Her truly kind and gentle nature attracts him and he also falls in love, leading him to propose to her sincerely. While they are at the peak of their happiness, Karl’s colleagues and Margit's family are searching for them at the crowded festival.

At last, the searchers find Karl and Margit. Having fled a difficult family environment, Margit resists her father who tries to force her to go back home. She draws a knife and says that there are only two choices, marriage to Karl or death. Thanks to her plea, the Schrack family reluctantly admits Karl as the future head of the family as Margit's husband. However, the rest of upper-class society treats him horribly. Karl finds it difficult to conform to life in the upper class. Their new lives begin to tear them apart little by little.

Karl hopes only for his lovely Margit's happiness. In the end, he chooses...

The love between Karl and Margit seems as if it was made from beer foam. As the beer festival ends, their transient romance will also reach its fated conclusion...

"ESTRELLAS -The Stars-"

"Estrellas" is Spanish for "the stars." In this revue, like a stadium of stars that shine into people’s hearts, the 'Estrellas' of the Star Troupe deliver vibrant singing and spirited, energetic dance with the theme "everyone can shine and give light like stars." Keep an eye out for this fresh and uplifting revue!

Main cast

"Beside the Foggy Elbe"

Karl Schneider:

Yuzuru Kurenai

Margit Schrack:

Airi Kisaki

Florian Seidel:

Makoto Rei

Joseph Schrack:

Chihiro Itsuki


Naoki Ema

Sabine Schrack:

Yuzumi Mari


Chigusa Miki


Hiroki Nanami


Ren Kisaragi

Madam Meinrad:

Natsu Shirotae


Mitsuki Tenju

Angelica Lombard:

Minori Otoha


Makoto Oki


Reo Kizaki


Yurito Seki

Madam Ellmenreich:

Otone Shizuki


Anru Yumeki


Yuki Mao

Edgar Klein:

Reira Sazanami

Friedrich Helmer:

Yu Hiroka


Rira Murasaki


Yuria Seo


Itsuki Otosaki


Ryu Shido


Rei Takuto


Ryo Asamizu

Police officer:

Jun Todo


Reira Katori


Reo Iroha

Suzanne Schrack:

Hitomi Arisa


Ema Amahana

Leonora Helmer:

Saki Miono


Ryo Yunagi


Homare Amaki


Rihi Minato

Adele Klein:

Rira Hanayuki


Honoka Kozakura

Police officer:

Yuho Haruto


Mai Sakuraba

Adrian Ellmenreich:

Shin Kiwami

Rosemarie Meinrad:

Hitomi Seira


Kanon Amato

Bettie Schneider:

Yuri Mizuno