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Tokyo Takarazuka Theater(TOKYO)
May.28-Jul.4 2021
Historical Drama

"Augustus: The Illustrious One"

Written and directed by Daisuke Tabuchi Passionate Fantasy

"Cool Beast!!"

Written and directed by Daisuke Fujii On sale from: May 9, 2021, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,500 / S Seat : 9,500 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
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"Augustus: The Illustrious One"

Octavius became the first Roman emperor, who was granted the title of Augustus, meaning "the illustrious one". How did he become the successor to Caesar, who died without fulfilling his ambition?

The year is 46 BC. The Roman triumph is held for Gaius Julius Caesar, who has returned to Rome after defeating his political opponent Pompeius in a long civil war. On that night, Caesar hosts a banquet to reconcile himself with the nobles who opposed him. Among the invited guests are Marcus Antonius who is considered a potential successor to Caesar; Cleopatra VII, the Egyptian queen and Caesar's lover; and Brutus who had been treated like a son to Caesar but turned against him during the civil war. When Caesar tells Brutus to give a toast, Pompeia, who is the daughter of the late Pompeius, appears at the banquet. She recklessly slashes at Caesar with her father's keepsake dagger. But she is stopped by Gaius Octavius, who is Caesar's greatnephew and a descendant of the gens Julia that is a Roman prestigious family. Octavius, who returned from his study trip to Greece, is attending the celebratory gathering with his assistant Agrippa. Antonius gives the order to arrest and hang Pompeia in a public place. In contrast, Octavius suggests Caesar to give her a pardon, saying that it can be the symbol of true reconciliation; he eventually succeeds in getting her out of a difficult situation. But Pompeia hurls hateful words at Octavius and then walks away. Octavius asks Caesar why he had to fight against Pompeius who had been for a time his political ally to pursue the same ideals. Caesar says that it is not republicanism but dictatorship that will bring peace to Rome. Having been eagerly waiting for the arrival of new era without hatred under the Republic, Octavius has mixed feelings about the unexpected words from Caesar.
The following day, at the square called Foro Romano, Caesar proclaims a series of his bold policies as he becomes the first Dictator perpetuo (dictator in life) of Rome. In addition, he announces the marriage of Antonius to Octavia, the older sister of Octavius. The Roman people get very excited over the newfound hero, Caesar. In contrast to popular sentiment, however, some statesmen are alarmed by Caesar's dictatorship including the senator Cicero as well as Cassius who was a supporter of the late Pompeius. They urge Brutus to rise up again to save the Roman Republic.
In the meantime, Octavius leaves Foro Romano to visit Pompeia, who expresses her deep hatred for Caesar. Octavius asks Pompeia to let him save her from her hatred. His personal warmth affects Pompeia deeply, whose only hope in life has been revenge.
A few days later, Caesar is assassinated by his political rivals led by Brutus. At his funeral ceremony conducted amid the chaos, Caesar's will is read out. The one named as his successor is neither Brutus nor Antonius, but Gaius Octavius who is a young man longing for peace in Rome. The Roman people's praise for the new hero Octavius gradually turns into strong hatred for the assassin Brutus. Incited by their voices of anger, Octavius swears revenge against Brutus, but…

"Cool Beast!!"

Rei Yuzuka, with wild seductiveness, is really a “Cool Beast”!!
With Rei Yuzuka and Yuki Hana donning the garb of the Beast and Glossy Flower respectively, a fascinating world is woven of the dreams of the beautiful and kind Beast.
Enjoy a passionate and exciting Latin show from the highly unique and original Flower Troupe performers!

Main cast

"Augustus: The Illustrious One"

Gaius Octavius:

Rei Yuzuka


Yuki Hana

Marcus Antonius:

Kazuya Seto

Gaius Julius Caesar:

Yo Natsumi

Cleopatra VII:

Ruumi Nagina


Mizuki Takasho


Runa Saezuki


Yume Marika


Hibiki Wataru


Rino Mihana


Nagisa Maizuki


Sho Kazumi

High Priest:

Ririka Kaga


Mitsuki Haryu


Maito Minami


Kei Yunami

The Gods:

Nachi Sarasa


Sea Towaki

The Gods:

Maki Kureha

Tillius Cimber:

Tsukasa Hiryu


Towa Mineka


Moeka Wakakusa

Metellus Cimber:

Mahiro Hozumi

The Gods:

Shizuka Rinno


Kurisu Oto


Asuka Seino

The Gods:

Koki Ichinose

The Gods:

Ei Serina

The Gods:

Daiya Yuki


Raito Kinami

The Gods:

Ai Mihane