Takarazuka Grand Theater

Takarazuka Grand Theater(HYOGO)
Aug.7-Sep.13 2021

"CITY HUNTER" -The Stolen XYZ-

Based on "CITY HUNTER" by Tsukasa Hojo
(c)Tsukasa Hojo / Coamix 1985
Script and direction by Yoshimasa Saito
Show Orchestra

"Fire Fever!"

Written and directed by Daichi Inaba On sale from: July 17, 2021, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,500 / S Seat : 8,800 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)


"CITY HUNTER" -The Stolen XYZ-

“XYZ” written on the public message board at the east exit of Shinjuku Station is a message to require the service of Ryo Saeba, aka “CITY HUNTER”. Ryo is the best “sweeper” in the underworld, whose operation is to wipe out evil or injustice. The last three letters of the alphabet, XYZ, means “reaching a dead end”. The helpless, who have fallen into difficult situations that cannot be solved by legitimate means, come to him for help with their last hopes. Ryo only takes on cases that involve beautiful women or when his client’s request moves his heart.

This morning, as always, Kaori Makimura's yelling echoes throughout Ryo's fictitious business office, Saeba Corporation. Ryo is a highly skilled gunman and a compassionate man who can be counted on in a pinch. But he is somewhat “loose” in his personal life and that irritates his partner, Kaori. While they are having a spat, Ryo gets a visit from Saeko Nogami who is a beautiful and capable detective of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Ryo and Saeko have known each other for a long time. She asks him to work as a bodyguard for Princess Alma, who has defected to Japan from the Kingdom of Gujamala, a small African state where a military coup arose. Saeko adds this is at the request of the princess herself. Ryo, whose only interests are beautiful mature women, is reluctant to escort the princess when he learns she is only 17 years old.
Around the same time, a note with “XYZ” is left on the message board at Shinjuku Station. This is a request from an actress Oto Utsunomiya, whose son is in trouble with a Japanese organized crime group. Struck by the beautiful actress’s concern about her son, Ryo accepts her request with no hesitation.
A short while later, a man from the U.S. comes to visit Ryo and Kaori. It is Mick Angel, who is Ryo’s first partner in the U.S. where he used to live. What is the purpose of his visit to Japan?

The coup in the Kingdom of Gujamala, the request from Oto Utsunomiya… The two different cases gradually become linked to one another, and Ryo eventually squares off against Union Teope, a huge crime syndicate of the underworld headed by Shin Kaibara whom Ryo was brought up by.

"Fire Fever!"

Get ready to be engulfed by a storm of passion in “Fire Fever!” The Sakina Ayakaze-led Snow Troupe will spark embers of excitement on stage like firecrackers.
The energetic prologue will introduce you to the novel Snow Troupe, followed by an assortment of scenes depicting passion through dancing and singing.
Enjoy this fiery and dynamic show, showcasing the allure of the troupe, reborn under the new top pair.

Main cast

"CITY HUNTER" -The Stolen XYZ-

Ryo Saeba:

Sakina Ayakaze

Kaori Makimura:

Kiwa Asazuki

Mick Angel:

Jun Asami

Hideyuki Makimura:

Oka Aya

Umibozu (Hayato Ijuin):

Sen Agata

Shin Kaibara:

Yo Natsumi

Superintendent-General Nogami:

Haruto Sono

Shinjuku old woman:

Aina Satsuki

Oto Utsunomiya (Chikaze Kobayashi):

Karen Chikaze


Kazuki Toma


Haruto Mana

Tsurugi Fushimi:

Asu Kujo

Madame of Nekomanma:

Konomi Anno


Sumire Ai

Establishment owner / Sakuragi:

Kaoru Oji

Criminal / Hirasawa:

Tsubasa Amatsuki

Sister Yuki:

Yuri Shiramine


Ko Tachibana


Yukino Himehana

Kazue Natori:

Emiri Karen

Reiko Yuki:

Anna Sara

Yuri / Mitsui:

Yuri Kano


Nozomi Seina


Saki Suwa

Yoko Fuyuno:

Himari Nonoka

Saeko Nogami:

Michiru Irodori

Reika Nogami:

Umi Kirara

Kasumi Aso:

Yuka Haori

Hirotaka Kitao:

Rui Manomiya

Ryuji Oda:

Rian Seika

Eran Dayan:

Kazami Shiose

Male Revolutionary Committee member / Male public relations officer:

Haruma Hiyori

Fashionable lady A / Female public relations officer:

Riri Kotohane

Atsushi Minami:

Atsuno Mochizuki

Shinjuku man:

Mire Asato

Yutaka Kobayashi:

Sera Ayami

High-ranking Tsurugi Gang member:

Ao Ichika

Yuka Nogami:

Himeka Arisu

Male Revolutionary Committee member / Male pawnbroker:

Rea Mayuzuki

Male public relations officer:

Reira Kohaku

Fashionable lady B:

Miu Suzuhana

Male reporter:

Rinto Mareha

Alma Dayan:

Aya Yumeshiro

Sayaka Ryujin:

Yume Hanataba

Shinjuku lady:

Kurumi Rina


Ayane Manaha

Ryo Saeba as a boy:

Mao Chihaya