Takarazuka Grand Theater

Takarazuka Grand Theater(HYOGO)
Jan.1-Feb.8 2021
Kampo Dream Theater
Musical Symphonia

"fff –fortississimo–"

Ode to Joy! Written and directed by Kumiko Ueda Kampo Dream Theater
Revue Arabesque

"Silk Road: A Bandit and a Jewel"

Written and directed by Hirokazu Ikuta On sale from: December 19, 2020, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,500 / S Seat : 8,800 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)


"fff –fortississimo–"

Ludwig van Beethoven instigated a musical revolution of such historical proportions that we still know his name today. And yet the man bearing that name was visited by misfortune of all kinds: lost love, loneliness, hearing loss... Even so, he was able to produce his "Symphony No. 9" featuring the singing of "Ode to Joy." But how?
The musical genius despairing over his fading hearing met a mysterious woman. Although agitated by her enigmatic presence, for Beethoven she at some point became a friend on his journey through life. Their unusual relationship would eventually produce a piece of music.
In the chaos of Europe following the French Revolution, Napoleon, Goethe, and Beethoven each dominated his domain: war, literature, music. This musical symphonia is a new telling of the story of legendary men who are known by all.

"Silk Road: A Bandit and a Jewel"

From west to east, from east to west, the Silk Road, a trade route carrying culture, civilization, and people, connected Western Europe with Asia over land and sea.
A bandit preying on merchants traveling the route obtains a blue diamond. However, it is in fact the lost eye of the Indian goddess Sita. The jewel has changed hands on countless occasions, at times bringing good fortune to its owner, at other times tragic doom. Having roamed the Silk Road since the long distant past, the Eye of Sita invites the bandit on a journey through the copious memories dwelling behind its dazzling facets.
From the past to the future, and from the future to the past, this thoroughly exotic Revue Arabesque spins a tale of a journey through space and time.
This production is also the debut Show for director Hirokazu Ikuta.
The music is composed by Yoko Kanno, who has worked on music for numerous commercials, anime works, and films, and has also written music for a variety of artists. Audiences will be treated to a harmony delivered by the combination of her creative world of music plus Futo Nozomi and the Snow troupe!

Main cast

"fff –fortississimo–"

Ludwig van Beethoven:

Futo Nozomi

Mysterious woman:

Kiho Maaya

Napoleon Bonaparte:

Sakina Ayakaze


Chihiro Itsuki

Johann van Beethoven:

Haruto Sono


Aina Satsuki

Empress of Austria:

Karen Chikaze

Emperor Francis I:

Kazuki Toma

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:

Sho Ayanagi


Haruto Mana

Small flame / Maria van Beethoven:

Chio Shono

Imperial Kapellmeister Salieri:

Asu Kujo

Klemens von Metternich:

Reo Kiraha

Ludwig's maid:

Konomi Anno

Gerhard Wegeler:

Jun Asami

Mrs. Breuning:

Sumire Ai

Archduke Charles:

Kaoru Oji


Tsubasa Amatsuki

Mrs. Guicciardi:

Yuri Shiramine

Napoleon's adjutant:

Ko Tachibana

Eleonore von Breuning [Röllchen]:

Kiwa Asazuki


Yukino Himehana

Count Gallenberg:

Yuka Machi

Black flame:

Emiri Karen

Black flame:

Anna Sara


Yuri Kano

Archduke Rudolf:

Oka Aya

Past Röllchen:

Nozomi Seina


Saki Suwa

Ludwig as a little boy:

Himari Nonoka


Michiru Irodori


Umi Kirara


Yuka Haori

Count Radetzky:

Rui Manomiya

Count Paar:

Rian Seika

Napoleon's field doctor:

Kazami Shiose

The Breuning family's butler:

Maoto Yume


Sen Agata

Röllchen's younger sister:

Riri Kotohane


Himeka Arisu

Ludwig as a young man:

Sera Ayami

Giulietta Guicciardi:

Aya Yumeshiro