Takarazuka Grand Theater

Takarazuka Grand Theater(HYOGO)
May.15-Jun.21 2021
Tragic Romance


Written and directed by Kumiko Ueda Super Fantasy

"Dream Chaser"

Written and directed by Satoru Nakamura On sale from: April 24, 2021, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,500 / S Seat : 8,800 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)



A turbulent age of Japanese history: The Southern and Northern Courts are in a desperate battle for dominance over the country. After the Southern Court lost control of the capital in Kyoto, they flee into the mountains of Yoshino. While the young warrior, Kusunoki Masatsura knows that the Southern Court will inevitably meet its defeat and ruin, heeding the last will of his late father, he fights alongside his younger brothers Masatoki and Masanori under the banners of the Southern Court. Ben no Naishi, a woman serving Emperor Go-Murakami of the Southern Court, has lost more and more of those close to her in the endless warfare. Her only comfort is in revenge.
Without any hope of survival, Masatsura and Ben no Naishi find love amidst the scattering cherry blossoms of Yoshino in the spring, and through one another they come to know the joy of being alive. Masatsura now fights both for the woman he loves and, for the first time in his life, for his own survival. But what awaits him at the end of the road...?
This play portrays the transient and vivid story of Kusunoki Masatsura and his ephemeral love affair with Ben no Naishi. Kusunoki Masatsura's tale was passed down in Japanese classics such as the "Taiheiki" and "Yoshino Shūi" as the great Sourthern Court general of his time.

"Dream Chaser"

In an endless pursuit of dreams - "Dream Chaser". This revue will showcase the vast range of talent found within the Moon Troupe performers. With each scene, this work will beckon you into a different world through music and dance. The “dream” as seen by the top star of Moon troupe, Ryo Tamaki, is the centerpiece of this dazzling and gorgeous stage performance.

Main cast


Kusunoki Masatsura:

Ryo Tamaki

Ben no Naishi:

Sakura Misono

Kusunoki Masanori:

Kanato Tsukishiro

Emperor Go-Daigo:

Chihiro Itsuki

Kusunoki Masanori [as an old man]:

Ru Kozuki

Ben no Naishi [as an old woman]:

Miyako Kagetsu

Ko no Moronao:

Yuriya Shimon

Chushi / Shijo Takasuke:

Sachika Shirayuki


Karan Chinami

Kusunoki Masatoki:

An Hozuki

Kusunoki Hisako:

Ran Kosaki

Kusunoki Masashige:

Yuma Kizuki

Ano Renshi:

Yuki Kaede

Meishi / Nijo Moromoto:

Aki Harune

Ota Norisuke:

Yu Harumi

Kitabatake Akiie:

Rune Yumena


Ai Sakurana

Ippeita [a retainer of the Kusunoki clan]:

Yuto Hayaki

Ko no Moroyasu:

Tsukasa Ren


Mitsuki Umino

Kitabatake Chikafusa:

Aoi Kashiro

Hino Toshimoto:

Makoto Asagiri

Toin Saneyo:

Mirei Himesaki

Emperor Go-Murakami:

Chisei Akatsuki

Southern Court lady:

Senri Urara

Nijo Norimoto:

Ran Kiyoka

Ninosuke [a retainer of the Kusunoki clan]:

Seren Soma

Ota Momosuke:

Kaoto Hanabusa

Yoshizo [a retainer of the Kusunoki clan]:

Tsubasa Asahi

Ishinosuke [a retainer of the Kusunoki clan]:

Naoki Ran

Ashikaga Takauji:

Yuno Kazama

Southern Court lady:

Yuki Momoka

Southern Court lady / Retainer’s child:

Kiki Natsukaze

Kingo [a retainer of the Kusunoki clan]:

Yu Sorashiro

Southern Court nobleman / Retainer’s child:

Rin Hisumi

Empress Kenshi:

Juri Amashi

Hyoroku [a retainer of the Kusunoki clan]:

Sena Ayaoto

Gonshichi [a retainer of the Kusunoki clan]:

Haru Reika

Aeba Ujinao:

Karen Yui

Southern Court lady:

Yurika Yoshino

Southern Court nobleman / Peasant woman:

Maika Hanatoki

Kihachi [a retainer of the Kusunoki clan]:

Natsuho Komi

Southern Court lady / Peasant woman:

Ruria Amana

Shukushi / Blossom Corps member:

Keito Ranze

Blossom Corps member:

Ari Nanano

Kyubei [a retainer of the Kusunoki clan]:

Ayato Hiragi

Seijuro [a retainer of the Kusunoki clan]:

Kei Issei

Juichiro [a retainer of the Kusunoki clan]:

Tera Okusu

Southern Court lady:

Yutaka Maya

Kusunoki Masatsura [as a boy]:

Riri Shirakawa

Juniemon [a retainer of the Kusunoki clan]:

Yurika Ayaji

Blossom Corps member:

Mika Haon

Southern Court lady:

Mio Manoa

Ben no Naishi [as a girl]:

Haryu Kiyora

Kusunoki Masatoki [as a boy]:

Chizuru Uta

Kusunoki Masanori [as a boy]:

Rin Ichino