Tokyo Takarazuka Theater

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater(TOKYO)
Aug.21-Sep.26 2021

"Sherlock Holmes – The Game Is Afoot!"

Based on the Characters Portrayed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Written and directed by Hirokazu Ikuta Takarazuka Spectacle

"Délicieux! – Sweet Paris"

Written and directed by Kosaku Noguchi On sale from: July 25, 2021, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,500 / S Seat : 9,500 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)


"Sherlock Holmes – The Game Is Afoot!"

Sherlock Holmes is an eternal hero created by British novelist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the late 19th century. Doyle portrays Sherlock Holmes as an independent detective who skillfully employs his extraordinary acumen, powers of observation, and masterful disguises. Over the decades, the stories have had a lasting appeal among readers of all ages, and today the world of Sherlock Holmes captivates audiences across the globe through all forms of media.
Sherlock, the singular detective. Professor James Moriarty, his arch-nemesis. And Irene Adler, the only woman who could move Sherlock's heart.
He who fights crime. He who lives for crime. And she who bears its burden.
A triangular inferno depicts these three characters who are inseparably bound through crime.
What is a person? What is crime? And what is love?
Set in London, a city bathed in mist and smoke, this action-packed adventure tells the story of a detective who has solved many a challenging case. 
This performance will be the Grand Theater debut for new top pair Suzuho Makaze and Hana Jun.

"Délicieux! – Sweet Paris"

"Délicieux" is how the French say somethings tastes great.
This dazzling Paris revue is about the sweets that fascinate people all over the world.
La Fleur, a beautiful but hungry young girl who is lost on the streets of Paris in the middle of the night, steps into an old pâtisserie, or pastry shop. She is greeted by sweet scents and Le Vent, a handsome young pâtissier. He invites La Fleur to roam together along the streets of Paris in the city's halcyon days, from the Belle Époque to Les Années Folles, in search of the ultimate sweets, and accompanied by enchanting music.
The Cosmos troupe, led by new top pair Suzuho Makaze and Hana Jun, present an enjoyable dream of a time that will be as sweet as a delicious pastry. This production at the Takarazuka Grand Theater will mark the stage debut for the 107th class of Takarasienne.

Main cast

"Sherlock Holmes – The Game Is Afoot!"

Sherlock Holmes:

Suzuho Makaze

Irene Adler:

Hana Jun

James Moriarty:

Toa Serika


Tsukasa Kotobuki

Countess of Morcar:

Mai Kanon

Helen Stoner:

Akina Ayase

Mycroft Holmes:

Kira Rinjo

Von Herder:

Akira Matsukaze


Haruka Mitsuki


Rio Hoshizuki


Oki Haruse

John H. Watson:

Minato Sakuragi

Henry Matthews:

Maki Nanao

Inspector G. Lestrade:

Sora Kazuki

Queen Victoria:

Mari Setohana


Hikaru Akine

Colonel J. Moriarty:

Ryu Shido

Nancy Barclay:

Shigure Risaki

Trelawney Hope:

Rui Akina

Mrs. St. Clair:

Rizu Hanabishi


Ichi Mizuka

Inspector Tobias Gregson:

Makise Rui

Mrs. Hudson:

Rara Haruha

Alice Turner:

Sayo Koharuno

The Four Jacks 1:

Seri Homare

Fred Porlock:

Hikaru Rukaze

The Four Jacks 2:

Ritsu Wakato

Inspector Stanley Hopkins:

Kanata Kiho

The Four Jacks 3:

Nagi Sumikaze


Shion Yuki

Mary Morstan:

Mineri Amairo

Ms. Faulkner:

Hikaru Manami

Colonel Sebastian Moran:

Chiaki Takato

Annie Harrison:

Sakura Koko


Mira Manase

Violet Hunter:

Shiho Mizune

The Four Jacks 4:

Yuha Ibuki

Station Attendant:

Renya Setsuki

Baker Street Irregulars:

Sara Hanamiya


Haku Kokaze


Hyuga Kazeiro

Baker Street Irregulars:

Sakura Haruno

Station Attendant:

Runo Omi


Yusei Anon

Baker Street Irregulars:

Ki Aria

Baker Street Irregulars:

Hiiro Asagi

Baker Street Irregulars:

Hibari Yamabuki

Baker Street Irregulars:

Yuri Nagisa