Takarazuka Grand Theater

Takarazuka Grand Theater(HYOGO)
Nov.12-Dec.13 2022
Musical Romance

“Dimitri-Purple Flowers Scattering at Daybreak-”

Adapted from “Rusudan of the Twilight Kingdom” by Yo Namiki
Script and direction by Hirokazu Ikuta
Mega Fantasy


Written and directed by Yoshimasa Saito On sale from: October 8, 2022, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,500 / S Seat : 8,800 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
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“Dimitri-Purple Flowers Scattering at Daybreak-”

The story takes place in the 13th century in the Kingdom of Georgia, that is in the midst of its golden age, centered in the capital Tbilisi. A young man stands in the lilac-blossomed garden in the corner of Isani Palace in Tbilisi. He is the fourth prince of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum, who is called Dimitri in Georgia. Dimitri has lived and grown up in this royal palace since he was a child brought into Georgia as a symbol of friendship between two countries. But no matter how long he has lived there or whether he converts to Christianity, the Seljuk prince is ultimately nothing more than a hostage of Georgia. Dimitri, who does not like to be seen, looks for a place to be alone whenever he has time. And yet, he is easily located by Rusudan, the younger sister of King Giorgi. Being close in age and growing up together, Dimitri and Rusudan have feelings for each other while they know that she will eventually marry someone worthy of her status. The two go through their days hiding their true feelings from each other.

A storm comes without warning— The Mongolian army suddenly attacks Georgia and commits all kinds of atrocities. Giorgi assembles all the forces in Georgia to fight against the Mongols, but he falls prey to the Mongol’s scheme that causes him to be mortally wounded. Realizing that he will die soon, Giorgi calls over Rusudan and Dimitri and tells Rusudan to marry Dimitri and succeed to the throne, and Dimitri to support Rusudan as the prince consort. Both Dimitri and Rusudan are surprised and perplexed by the king’s unexpected words. They each make a painful decision and accept their fate.

Following the king’s death, Rusudan is crowned queen and their wedding ceremony is conducted. However, some people look askance at Queen Rusudan who is without political experience and Dimitri, the foreign-born prince consort. The deputy prime minister Avag Zakarian, who respected King Giorgi, suspects Dimitri of being involved in the death of the late king and feels animosity towards him. Not allowed to take part in the country’s politics, what Dimitri can do is to support Rusudan just as a private advisor. But he still feels very happy to be married to the one he truly loves and to spend the rest of his life with her. Dimitri is determined to stay on Rusudan’s side no matter what.

However, a new shadow is creeping up on the couple, and their happy days soon come to an end. Jalal al-Din, the sultan of the destroyed Khwarazmian Empire, who also lost his country to the Mongol invasion, wants to take over Georgia in order to rebuild his country and strike back at the Mongols. Jalal al-Din plans to gain the fertile Georgian land and make a comeback without a battle by marrying Rusudan who has a reputation for her beauty. Rusudan gets angry at his marriage proposal, calling it a mockery towards a married woman, and the two countries go to war as a result. The Khwarazm’s fierce attack devastates the Georgian army. This defeat unexpectedly creates an aftermath that leads to a tragedy that will change the fate of Dimitri and Rusudan...


JAGUAR BEAT is a story-based show that endeavors to add something fresh to the Takarazuka traditions. It depicts the life of the half-human, half-beast JAGUAR and the way he found love.
Born in the jungle on an unnamed planet, JAGUAR falls for the beautiful CRYSTAL BIRD. Beckoned by her, he sets off on a journey into a mysterious world…
This Mega Fantasy featuring powerful beats will showcase the many talents of Makoto Rei and the other members of Star Troupe.

Main cast

“Dimitri-Purple Flowers Scattering at Daybreak-”


Makoto Rei


Hitomi Maisora

Jalal al-Din:

Yuria Seo

Avag Zakarian:

Chisei Akatsuki


Chigusa Miki

Queen Tamar:

Natsu Shirotae

Duke of Erzurum:

Makoto Oki

Genghis Khan:

Reo Kizaki

Ivane Zakarian:

Yu Hiroka


Rira Murasaki


Itsuki Otosaki


Ryo Asamizu


Hikari Ayaki


Hitomi Arisa


Ema Amahana


Saki Miono


Ryo Yunagi

Beka Jaqeli:

Homare Amaki

Gambedaoba (Lilac spirit):

Honoka Kozakura


Sora Amaji


Yuho Haruto


Sakiho Sobu


Miki Nanase


Reima Akashi


Kaoru Kisa


Shin Kiwami


Sario Aomi

Arseni III:

Rin Sayaka


Maki Yuhi


Kanon Amato


Takeru Soa

Katia (Head lady-in-waiting):

Yuri Mizuno

Siq’varuli (Lilac spirit):

Hanaka Ruri

Sibrdzne (Lilac spirit):

Chizuru Uta

Young Rusudan:

Nano Otoka

Young Dimitri:

Hina Mirei

Princess Tamar:

Hiyori Aiha