Takarazuka Grand Theater

Takarazuka Grand Theater(HYOGO)
Mar.11-Apr.17 2023
Action Romanesque

“Casino Royale -My Name’s Bond-”

Based on the novel by Ian Fleming “Casino Royale” (Japanese edition translated by Rou Shiraishi, published by Tokyo Sogensha)
Script and direction by Shuichiro Koike     
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“Casino Royale -My Name’s Bond-”

The story is set in 1968. After World War II, the world has been divided into the West, a capitalist society led by the United States, and the East, a communist society led by the Soviet Union. The two blocs have been confronting each other without directly engaging in warfare. People call this struggle for supremacy the Cold War, and the intelligence agents from each country, so-called spies, keep fighting covertly on the front lines.

James Bond, code-named 007, is an outstanding secret agent for the elite British Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6. Given a license to kill, Bond has been through fierce battles, taking all kinds of risks. One day, he receives an order to use his gambling skills to beat a KGB agent Le Chiffre who has been regarded as the commander of KGB operations in France.
Le Chiffre runs a nightclub in Paris which is a front business and source of funds for the KGB in France. In fact, however, Le Chiffre embezzled the nightclub’s proceeds and consequently he is in such a tight spot that he secretly has been searching for a buyer for the nightclub. Now he plans to make a quick fortune at a casino. Bond heads to France in order to cut off the KGB’s source of funds.
Paris is currently in turmoil due to anti-establishment protests in the wake of the general strike termed “May 68” by students and workers calling for social change. Visiting Paris to scout the nightclub, Bond encounters and saves Delphine, a female student participating in a demonstration and being chased by the police. He becomes captivated by Delphine who has passion to change the unequal world.
Bond enters the Casino Royale in Royale-les-Eaux, a resort on the west coast of France, to play against Le Chiffre. Bond runs into Delphine whom he saved in Paris. Coincidentally, the Romanovs have gathered at the same hotel and are fighting over who will be the next head of the family. According to the will of the late Grand Duchess Natalia, it is Delphine who is to inherit a vast fortune as the successor.
The casino’s biggest annual event “Night of Baccarat” has just started. Bond, who is undercover as a Jamaican millionaire, joins the baccarat table Le Chiffre is at. But once Le Chiffre finds out his true identity, the game turns into an intense confrontation between Le Chiffre and Bond…
Bond can’t help but think of Delphine whom he happens to become involved with. Meanwhile, Le Chiffre begins plotting to obtain Delphine's inheritance. Bond risks his life on his mission to counter various conspiracies and schemes.

Main cast

“Casino Royale -My Name’s Bond-”

James Bond:

Suzuho Makaze


Hana Jun

Le Chiffre:

Toa Serika

Grand Duke Georgy Romanovich Romanov:

Tsukasa Kotobuki

Director M:

Akira Matsukaze

Michel Barrault:

Minato Sakuragi

Technical officer Q / Detective:

Hikaru Akine

Felix Leiter:

Ryu Shido

Bill Turner, General Manager / Dealer:

Rui Akina

Anna Romanov:

Rizu Hanabishi


Sayo Koharuno

Rene Mathis:

Hikaru Rukaze

Dr. Zweistein:

Ritsu Wakato

Gerard, Manager:

Nagi Sumikaze


Shion Yuki


Mineri Amairo


Chiaki Takato

Catherine, Secretary:

Sakura Koko


Mira Manase


Shiho Mizune

Henri, Assistant Manager:

Renya Setsuki


Sara Hanamiya


Haku Kokaze

Grigory Romanov:

Hyuga Kazeiro


Sakura Haruno

Chief of police:

Runo Omi


Sayaka Yumekaze

Maharaja’s wife:

Ki Aria

Anatoly Romanov:

Yusei Anon

Wife of a wealthy overseas Chinese businessman:

Himari Kanna


Miusa Ruki


Shin Arashino


Yuki Mashiro


Sara Aimi


Hibari Yamabuki