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Tokyo Takarazuka Theater(TOKYO)
Apr.14-May.26 2024


-The Rainbow Over Paris- Written and directed by Shuichiro Koike On sale from: March 10, 2024, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,500 / S Seat : 9,500 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
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The story is set in Paris during the occupation of Nazi Germany. The Jewish director of the music hall Arc-en-ciel de Paris has fled just before the German army’s occupation of France, leaving the headlining singer, Catherine, to take over the production of the revue, while the talented dancer, Marcel Dorin, is assigned to the task of choreography. Marcel, who lacks experience in choreography, clashes with Catherine, making rehearsals difficult. Then Konrad, a cultural control officer in the German army, appears with his adjutant Friedrich and other subordinates in tow. The company members are stunned when the officer high-handedly bans jazz and forces them to perform the Viennese waltz. However, after Konrad leaves, Friedrich suggests they secretly play jazz music, which the battle-weary German soldiers actually want to hear. Although his position as a German officer prevents him from revealing his true thoughts, Friedrich not only loves music and theater but also believes in the power of entertainment to unite the world beyond national borders.

Following Friedrich’s advice, Marcel sets out to choreograph two versions: one a Viennese waltz and the other a jazz dance. It is not an easy task, but Marcel works on the choreography with his remarkable concentration, motivated by the hope of cheering up the people living in Nazi-occupied Paris. Catherine hopes to do the same. Marcel and Catherine gradually grow closer to each other as they rehearse together with the same aspiration.

Meanwhile, Robert, a dancer at the Arc-en-ciel, and other men have secret gatherings on the nights after rehearsals, under the radar of the German army, in order to take back the city of Paris from Nazi Germany. These men hope that Marcel will join them someday.

First, Marcel completes the Viennese waltz. The new revue with this version premieres under the watchful eyes of the German army, and it is a great success. Shortly afterwards, Marcel and the company are called to perform at the hotel where the German army is staying. Konrad makes advances toward her in the hotel, but Marcel and the company members rescue her just in time. That night, Marcel and Catherine share their dreams and passions for the revue, confirming their feelings for each other.

The choreography for the jazz version is finally completed, and the final rehearsal is held, with Friedrich secretly attending to watch. Just as the powerful dance scene choreographed by Marcel reaches its climax, gunshots ring out. Konrad and his men have discovered that the company is secretly planning to perform a jazz version of the revue...

The members of Arc-en-ciel struggle to keep the flame of their revue alive. How will Marcel and Catherine greet the day of the liberation of Paris?

Main cast


Marcel Dorin:

Rei Yuzuka

Catherine Renault:

Madoka Hoshikaze

Friedrich Adler:

Sea Towaki


Chihiro Itsuki

Konrad Baltzer:

Yuma Kizuki

Madame Francoise Nicole:

Maira Mikaze

Cohen / Guillaume Blanc:

Yuriya Shimon


Nagisa Maizuki

Otto von Schlondorff:

Mitsuki Haryu


Maki Kureha


Hikari Ayaki

Emile / Dietrich von Choltitz:

Towa Mineka


Mahiro Hozumi


Shizuka Rinno


Jun Takamine


Yukiha Itotsuki

Yves Gaucher:

Asuka Seino


Maira Izumi


Koki Ichinose


Reisa Kazu


Mion Sakino

Philippe / Manager:

Kazuma Mano


Mio Tatsuki


Anju Tsubasa


Kina Ryoka


Daiya Yuki


Shun Tao

Irene / Emma:

Natsuki Suzumina


Rinka Miku


Akira Naoto


Kotono Asanoha


Mare Ryoha


Raito Kinami


Sumire Shiki


Asahi Kaito


Rein Amashiro

Flower girl:

Miko Aira


Ai Mihane


Maru Misora


Misaki Hoshizora

Police officer :

Manato Natsuki

Police officer :

Seiju Kagami

Young Yves:

Himeka Koharu