Takarazuka Grand Theater

Musical Romance

“Eternal Voice: Lingering Feelings”

Written and directed by Haruhiko Masatsuka Revue Anniversary

“Grande TAKARAZUKA 110!”

Written and directed by Kazunori Nakamura

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DateCurtain time
Sat, Mar-30 13:00  
Sun, Mar-31 Reserved Stage 15:30
Mon, Apr-1 Closed
Tue, Apr-2 11:00 15:30
Wed, Apr-3 13:00  
Thu, Apr-4 11:00 Reserved Stage
Fri, Apr-5 13:00  
Sat, Apr-6 11:00 Reserved Stage
Sun, Apr-7 13:00  
Mon, Apr-8 Closed
Tue, Apr-9 13:00  
Wed, Apr-10 13:00  
Thu, Apr-11 11:00 15:30
Fri, Apr-12 13:00  
Sat, Apr-13 11:00 Reserved Stage
Sun, Apr-14 11:00 Reserved Stage
Mon, Apr-15 Closed
Tue, Apr-16 11:00 Reserved Stage
Wed, Apr-17 13:00  
Thu, Apr-18 13:00  
Fri, Apr-19 13:00  
Sat, Apr-20 11:00 Reserved Stage
Sun, Apr-21 Reserved Stage 15:30
Mon, Apr-22 Closed
Tue, Apr-23 11:00 15:30
Wed, Apr-24 13:00  
Thu, Apr-25 13:00  
Fri, Apr-26 13:00  
Sat, Apr-27 11:00 Reserved Stage
Sun, Apr-28 Reserved Stage 15:30
Mon, Apr-29 Closed
Tue, Apr-30 11:00 15:30
Wed, May-1 13:00  
Thu, May-2 13:00  
Fri, May-3 13:00  
Sat, May-4 11:00 Reserved Stage
Sun, May-5 11:00 Reserved Stage
Mon, May-6 Closed
Tue, May-7 11:00 Reserved Stage
Wed, May-8 11:00 15:30
Thu, May-9 13:00  
Fri, May-10 13:00  
Sat, May-11 11:00 15:30
Sun, May-12 13:00  

How to Book Your Tickets

You can purchase advance tickets from the first Tuesday (10 AM JST) after the Japanese sale date until four days before the performance date.

Same-day tickets can be purchased at the box office if there are remaining seats on the day of the performance.