Takarazuka Grand Theater

Takarazuka Grand Theater(HYOGO)
Nov.9-Dec.14 2018
Mitsui-Sumitomo Visa Card Musical


Book by Arthur Kopit
Music and Lyrics by Maury Yeston
Based on the novel by Gaston Leroux
“Originally Produced in the United States at Theatre Under the Stars, Houston, Texas”
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Script by Arthur Kopit, lyrics and music by Maury Yeston
Adapted and directed by Kazunori Nakamura, translated by Koji Aoshika
On sale from: October 6, 2018, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,000 / S Seat : 8,300 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500
Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)



On Paris Opera House Street in the late 19th-century, a girl with a beauty like that of an innocent angel is selling a musical score. Her name is Christine Daae. Singing as she sells the sheet music, passersby gather around, charmed by her voice. Among the pedestrians is Count Philippe de Chandon, a patron of the opera. Feeling a powerful pull to Christine's singing voice and beauty, Philippe introduces her to the manager of the Opera House, Gerard Carriere, so she can receive singing lessons.

Soon afterward, though, Carriere is fired by the opera. His replacement as the new manager is Alaine Cholet, rumored to have gained from bribe money paid to the Minister of Culture. When Cholet and his wife Carlotta--who is also the new prima donna--introduce themselves to the opera company members, a letter falls to the floor. Cholet is surprised to see the panicked looks on the company members and he demands an explanation from Carriere. The former manager informs his replacement that a phantom dwells beneath the opera hall, adding that there is a rule against going downstairs. When Cholet hears from Carriere that none who have gone down there have ever returned, he disregards the forewarning, accuses Carriere of trying to exact revenge for losing the position, and refuses to heed his counsel.

When Christine visits the opera hall, she is astonished to hear of Carriere's removal, but Jean-Claude, the backstage keeper, arranges to introduce her to the new manager. Cholet is aware that it was Count de Chandon who had originally brought the girl here and he promptly has her begin singing lessons, but Carlotta has Christine serve as her costume assistant. Even so, Christine is honestly happy just to be at the opera hall she had always yearned to reach.

One day, the Phantom hears Christine's pure singing voice. A mask concealing his face, he comes near the girl and whispers to her his desire to instruct her so she can sing at the opera.

With the Phantom's guidance, in short time Christine enters a contest--at the Phantom's suggestion--held at a bistro the company members frequent. Led by the Phantom's voice, Christine sings like an angel descended from heaven and the audience at the bistro showers her with thunderous applause. After hearing this, Carlotta suggests that Christine be cast in the lead role of Titania in "Fairy Queen."

To celebrate Christine's success, Philippe takes her out on the town. He tells Christine of his passion for her by explaining the strong pull he has felt toward her since first sight. In the eyes of the solitary Phantom watching them, they seem like a couple in love.

On the day of Christine's debut, Carlotta visits her dressing room and offers a drink. Christine takes the glass in her hand. At first she hesitates to imbibe it, but then at Carlotta's imploring she gulps it down. Soon afterward, the curtain rises on "Fairy Queen"……

Main cast



Futo Nozomi

Christine Daae:

Kiho Maaya

Gerard Carriere [ex-manager]:

Sakina Ayakaze

Count Philippe de Chandon:

Sho Ayanagi HYOGO:Nov.9-19, Nov.30-Dec.6
TOKYO:Jan.11-17, Jan.30-Feb.10

Jun Asami HYOGO:Nov.20-29, Dec.7-14
TOKYO:Jan.2-10, Jan.18-29

Alaine Cholet [new manager]:

Sho Ayanagi HYOGO:Nov.20-29, Dec.7-14
TOKYO:Jan.2-10, Jan.18-29

Jun Asami HYOGO:Nov.9-19, Nov.30-Dec.6
TOKYO:Jan.11-17, Jan.30-Feb.10

Gabrielle [chorus master]:

Masumi Rika

Carlotta [new prima donna]:

Rin Maisaki

Jean-Claude [backstage keeper]:

Haruto Sono

Madame Daurine [ballet teacher]:

Mako Sahana


Aina Satsuki

Valerius [Carlotta's attendant]:

Karen Chikaze

Moncharmin [Minister of Culture]:

Kazuki Toma

Inspector Ledoux:

Haruto Mana


Chio Shono

Mauclerc [stage director]:

Asu Kujo

Richard [male opera company member]:

Reo Kiraha

Mireille [female opera company member]:

Konomi Anno

Jeamme [female opera company member]:

Sumire Ai

Mifroid [police officer]:

Kaoru Oji

Joseph Buquet [costume manager] / Isidore [male opera company member]:

Tsubasa Amatsuki

Lulu [female opera company member]:

Yuri Shiramine

Papin [police officer]:

Ko Tachibana

Belladova / Remy [female opera company member]:

Kiwa Asazuki

Flora [female opera company member]:

Yukino Himehana

Tournier [male opera company member]:

Yuka Machi

Opera house dancer:

Emiri Karen

Sergio [male opera company member] / Young Carriere:

Sea Towaki

Opera house dancer:

Anna Sara

Georges [male opera company member]:

Yuri Kano

Lachenal [male opera company member]:

Oka Aya

Florence [female opera company member]:

Nozomi Seina


Haruna Hoka


Saki Suwa

Pauligny [male opera company member]:

Haruki Hinata

Fleur [female opera company member]:

Himari Nonoka

Sorelli [female opera company member]:

Michiru Irodori

Opera house dancer:

Yuka Haori

Opera house dancer:

Umi Kirara


Rui Manomiya

Bell captain:

Maoto Yume


Sen Agata

Opera house dancer:

Riri Kotohane

Young Erik:

Sera Ayami

Meg [female opera company member]:

Hana Jun