How the Inimitable Takarazuka Revue Comes to Life

Are all-female casts and independent troupe productions unique to the Takarazuka Revue?

Otoko yaku and musume yaku: one cannot exist without the other. Their profundity: a product of all-female casts.

The Takarazuka Revue is an uncommon theatrical company as all its members are unmarried women. Naturally, they must play male roles in addition to female parts. The male roles are called "otoko yaku," while their female counterparts are termed "musume yaku." The otoko yaku usually have short hair and the musume yaku have long hair. It is easy to tell them apart by their appearance. Which of these two roles a Takarasienne shall play is determined by her height, vocal range, personal inclination and other factors, and some members even switch roles mid-career.
Despite being women the otoko yaku wear an air of male sexuality, while the musume yaku help them stand out. If one or the other were gone, the Takarazuka Revue would be nothing. The combination of the two roles is one of the theater's great appeals.
  • Flower troupe, "BEAUTIFUL GARDEN: A Profusion of Flowers" (2018)

  • Star troupe, "THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL" (2017)

The Flower, Moon, Snow, Star and Cosmos troupes and the Superior Members each generate their own allure.

The Takarazuka Revue's members presently comprise five troupes—Flower, Moon, Snow, Star and Cosmos—and the Senka, or "Superior Members." Each performance is conducted by one of these groups.

Flower troupe

Popular for their glitz and general skill. They have produced numerous otoko yaku stars over the troupe's long history.

Moon troupe

Meticulous attention to group performances is a tradition. This troupe performs many a theatrical masterpiece.

Snow troupe

Skilled at Japanese musical programs and renowned for their advanced skill on stage.

Star troupe

Talented costume work. This troupe puts on many productions where the otoko yaku truly shines.

Cosmos troupe

A modern, stylish air. The troupe's impressive chorus has an established reputation.

Superior Members

The Senka belong to no one troupe. They are a group of specialists who appear in any of the troupes' productions as needed.
The top star and top musume yaku are the faces of each troupe. Their traits and those of their troupe make the stage.

Each troupe has a leading pair of actors: the "top star" as the best otoko yaku and the "top musume yaku" playing alongside the top star. The plots of many performances develop around this top pair, who in combination with the enticing traits of the troupe's other members create a uniquely captivating theatrical production.

The Takarazuka Revue is a well-known theatrical phenomenon with performances across Japan.

Over 900 performances annually at the Takarazuka Grand Theater and Tokyo Takarazuka Theater alone!

The Takarazuka Revue has three dedicated theaters: the Takarazuka Grand Theater, the theater company's home in Hyogo Prefecture; the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater; and the Takarazuka Bow Theater, a smaller building adjacent to the Takarazuka Grand Theater. Today, these three facilities hold over 900 performances a year. And in addition to productions at these dedicated theaters, the Takarazuka Revue makes an active effort to win fans with even more performances across Japan and abroad.

Takarazuka Grand Theater
Tokyo Takarazuka Theater
The entertainment is available nationwide in Japan.
The Takarazuka Revue puts on regular productions throughout Japan, primarily at its dedicated theaters. In addition, the Flower troupe performed for a second time in Taiwan in 2015. The theater company has garnered a wonderful response with its overseas performances all over the world in places including Asia, America and Europe.

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