The Power of Takarazuka

What Makes Fans Enchanted by Takarazuka?

Otokoyaku, who play male characters on stage, get a lot of positive attention.

What has made the Takarazuka Revue attractive to audiences for the past hundred years? From the shows they put on, to the beautiful sets and specialized theater buildings, there are a lot of unique aspects to Takarazuka.
But what really pulls audiences when it comes to Takarazuka is the dream world created by the all-female performers. The cool and stylish otokoyaku complement the feminine musumeyaku perfectly. Some believe that otokoyaku are “cooler” than real men in many aspects, and their existence is unique to Takarazuka. When you watch a show, we recommend comparing and contrasting the expressions and movements of otokoyaku and musumeyaku. Looking closely at them, you will understand both the main characteristics of these two roles and the individual charm of each actress as well.
  • Moon Troupe, “THE GREAT GATSBY”(2022)

  • Flower Troupe, “Genroku Baroque Rock”(2021)

No matter where your eyes wander on stage, the exquisite details will take your breath away.

From flamboyant costumes through detailed props, the Takarazuka Revue offers countless things to marvel at. The Takarazuka Revue’s two main theaters (Takarazuka Grand Theater and Tokyo Takarazuka Theater) are specifically built for Takarazuka performances, in order to highlight the unique aspects of Takarazuka and maximize their impact on the audience.

The ginkyō, or the “silver bridge,” is the name of the apron stage that extends right before the audience. The ginkyō is used in both plays and revues. Especially in revues, the ginkyō makes it easier for the actresses to establish a closer connection with the audience.

As live music accompanies every production, the orchestra pit is set up between the main stage and the ginkyō. The main stage is equipped with eight stage lifts (seri) in different sizes, and a turntable (bon) at the center. In addition to these, the 26-step tall grand staircase (Ōkaidan) can be found at the back of the stage. This grand staircase also serves as a symbol of the revue.

Of course, this well-equipped stage would be nothing without the marvelous costumes, props, and the actresses themselves. As the pinnacle of the Takarazuka Revue’s aesthetics, they make the dream world come alive on stage.
  • Flower Troupe, “Years of Pilgrimage: The Wandering Soul of Franz Liszt”(2022)

  • Cosmos Troupe, “Capricciosa!!”(2022)

Making a Performance Divine

The world of dreams is complete with the perfect combination of a play and a revue.

Most Takarazuka Revue performances are split into two parts: play and show (or revue). In some cases, a performance even has three different sections. With each trip to the theater, you are in for a completely new experience.

During the play, you can immerse yourself in the new worlds presented in the story, while also getting to understand the individual characteristics of each Takarasienne. The second part is a colorful and energetic revue. Both parts are filled with things that are singular to the Takarazuka Revue.

While “The Rose of Versailles” is most often associated with the revue company, the world of Takarazuka is much more vast than that. In addition to performing original pieces, the revue adapts works from a wide range of sources. Among the adaptations, you can find everything from foreign musicals like “Me and My Girl,” “Guys & Dolls,” and “Elisabeth,” through plays based on famous novels like “GONE WITH THE WIND” and comics such as “Lupin the Third,” to “The Tale of Genji,” a great piece of classical Japanese literature.

No matter how many times you watch a play, you can always find new details to marvel at.
  • Cosmos Troupe, “GONE WITH THE WIND” (2013)

  • Moon Troupe, “Elisabeth - Rondo of Love and Death” (2018)

  • Snow Troupe, “Lupin the Third” (2015)

A Show: Quintessential Takarazuka

Revues are an important part of the full Takarazuka experience: You cannot talk about Takarazuka without mentioning the show segment! Watching the elaborate dance scenes and glittery costumes will make you understand why Takarazuka is often called the world of dreams, a phenomenon that can only be created by an all-women troupe.

Instead of providing a cohesive story like plays, revues often have a central theme and independent segments relating to it, filled with dancing, singing, and glitter. Each scene is a spectacle in itself, presenting a different spin on the main theme.

The finale of a Takarazuka performance follows its own unique formula.
It includes a line dance segment, and the duet dance that features the top pair. The parade closes the show, where all the stars descend the grand staircase in order of rank.
  • Snow Troupe, “Sensational!”(2022)

  • Snow Troupe, “Fire Fever!”(2021)

More Than Just Watching a Performance

Takarazuka Grand Theater, part of a city's history.

Since its debut performance, the Takarazuka Revue has contributed to writing the history of Takarazuka City. The Takarazuka Grand Theater serves as the theater company's home in Hyogo Prefecture.
In addition to watching the performances, you can find many things to do inside the building. From a museum, through original merchandise shops, to even a stage studio called Salon de Takarazuka where you can try costumes on, Takarazuka offers an all-immersive experience.
Take a break from your everyday life and enter the revue. Takarazuka will make your stay in the world of dreams unforgettable.

It all begins once you step through the door…

When you visit one of the Takarazuka theaters, a spacious lobby, red carpeted floors, a grand piano, and shining chandeliers welcome you. Feel the fantasy, it all begins here.
In the theater hall, a spacious stage awaits you, with audience seating arranged to provide an excellent vantage point, regardless where you are seated.
  • The Takarazuka Grand Theater's entrance

The Tokyo Takarazuka Theater is a mere 5-minute walk from Yūrakuchō Station.

The Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, situated in the heart of the capital, is our second home. The stage setup is identical to the Takarazuka Grand Theater in Hyogo Prefecture. As it is conveniently located just five minutes on foot from Yūrakuchō Station, a large number of visitors pour into the theater on weekdays and holidays alike.
  • The Tokyo Takarazuka Theater

Visit us in Tokyo or Hyogo for a life changing experience.

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